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Community Shows Strong Support For The Canadian Armed Forces Fighting In Afghanistan

Sandra Amyot and Wayne Fox were extremely pleased with the way the community demonstrated support for members of the Canadian Armed Forces who have been drawn into the war in Afghanistan. Sandra and Wayne took part in a special "Support The Troops" weekend at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre on December 9 and 10, 2006. Their two sons, Kyle and Glenn Fox, have both served in Afghanistan. The boys' grandmother, Bridget Amyot, on the left in the photo, also took part in the event.

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Ron Masciangelo, owner of Masciangelo Motors is proud of his Vehicle Locate Program which has matched so many customers with vehicles that they have been searching for all over the province of Ontario and beyond. You can read about Masciangelo Motors in the Business Section of Valley East Today or you can go directly to the corporate web site at:


Conveniently located at 1440 Falconbridge Road in Sudbury.
Call (705) 521-9999 for more information

Confederation Secondary School Holds 26th Annual “Christmas Is Giving” Food Drive

   Amanda Alcock, shown in the middle of the photo wearing the white sweater, presents Norm Martin, 2nd Vice President of the Capreol Lions Club, and Andrea Blais-Beaulieu of the Good Neighbours Food Bank, with much needed cash donations to go along with the 1462 non-perishable food items and one hundred 10-pound bags of potatoes that were collected as part of their 26th Annual “Christmas Is Giving” Food Drive which was held on Tuesday, December 5, 2006.
   The people in the photo include, from the left: Norm Martin and Linda Wotton of the Capreol Lions Club; Amanda Alcock, Minister of Public Affairs with the Confederation Secondary School Student Parliament; Phil Proulx, Andrea Blais-Beaulieu, Andre Beaulieu and Lillian Belanger, all representing the Good Neighbours Food Bank.
   Amanda and her Co-minister of Public Affairs, Maria Manolioudakis coordinated the food drive which involved over one hundred students in the school who volunteered to go out on the streets of Valley East and Capreol during the first two periods on December 5 to collect the food.
   “We all know that there are many families in our community who find it difficult around Christmas,” explained Amanda when asked why the school takes on this project. “It is a time when there are a lot of added expenses and people are under a lot of stress. We just want to do whatever we can to make it a little easier for them at this time of year.”
   Amanda extended heartfelt appreciation to all of the people who donated the food; to Valley Growers who donated the bags of potatoes; to the students who participated; to Ms. Patricia Miller and Ms Cynthia Farrar, two of the teachers who worked with the student parliament on the project; and to the four members of the Capreol Lions Club who helped out by driving to pick up food in that community.
   Amanda will be graduating in June and plans on enrolling in the Concurrent Education Program at Laurentian University en route to a career as an elementary school teacher, something she has dreamed about since Grade 2.
   The Capreol Lions and the Good Neighbours Food Bank both expressed their sincere gratitude for the donations.

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Confederation Secondary School Class Reaches Out To Beyond Their Community Boundaries To Make Christmas A Bit Better For Ten Families In Nairn Centre 
Several of the students in Ms. Tiffany Roberts' English Class at Confederation Secondary School are shown examining one of the boxes of food and other items that are being assembled for ten families that the school has "adopted" from Nairn Centre. Many people in that community have been affected by massive layoffs in recent months and are facing dire circumstances as a result. Confederation students also took part in the 26th Annual "Christmas Is Giving" Food Drive on December 5, 2006,  in support of the Good Neighbours Food Bank in Hanmer and the Capreol Lions Food Bank. As a community school, students and staff understand the importance of reaching out to others in need and when they became aware of the situation in Nairn Centre, they welcomed the opportunity to expand their boundaries for this initiative.

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   Connie Laforest was born and raised in Sudbury before moving to Valley East in 1974. Her oldest child, Corey (29) lives in Hanmer and together he and his wife, Kim (Dwyer) have provided Connie with two of her three grandchildren. Her daughter, Christina (28), lives in Sudbury raising Connie's other grandchild. 

    For the past 18 years, Connie has gained valuable experience in all facets of banking with the Royal Bank of Canada. She has worked at various branches in Hanmer, Val Caron, Sudbury and . Her passion for working with clients has lead Connie to her current position as a Residential Mortgage Specialist.

   “I really enjoy working with individual clients to help them make one of the most important purchases of their life a little less stressful,” Connie explained when asked why she chose this particular field of banking at this time in her career. “I totally understand where people are coming from when they are going through the process of buying a house. It can be a very frightening time in their life. I try to help them feel relaxed by removing some of the “fear of the unknown”, especially for first-time buyers.”

   Staying on top of all of the new product lines in the residential mortgage market is one of Connie’s main responsibilities. “Things are changing all of the time with residential mortgages. I make sure that I am fully aware of all of the different options available to my clients, and then we work out the best choice for their particular situation. By educating my clients, and making them feel at ease with the process, many of them are comfortable about coming back to see me when they make their next purchase, or even referring me to their family and friends. This is the greatest compliment they can give me. It means that I have done my job well and I have developed a healthy, long-lasting relationship with them. I love it when my clients treat me as a friend. After all, if they live in the Valley we are likely to be neighbours.”

   Connie points out that buying a house is relatively simple when you break down the steps.

1.         A client will come to Connie for a pre-qualification meeting to determine the amount of mortgage for which they might be able to qualify. This will depend on their income and current debt ratio. It then gives the client an idea of the price range he/she/they can afford and gives them some focus and direction to their house hunting.

2.         The client then searches the market for a house that will be satisfactory to their needs. This is usually done through one or more real estate agents.

3.         Once they find a house and settle upon a purchase price, they return to Connie for the final mortgage approval. When it comes to the pre-qualification of the amount of the mortgage, the amount is determined by the income and financial status of the client. When it comes to the final mortgage approval, the amount is determined by the value and state of the property. After the mortgage amount is approved, the payment details and terms of the mortgage are agreed upon.

4.         The client is then free to take care of all of the necessary legal details of the purchase, including the closing date.

5.         All that house and enjoy their new home

   Connie is not afraid to show her feelings about her new career as a Residential Mortgage Specialist,. “I just love working flexible hours and being mobile. It means that I can meet my clients at a time and place when it is convenient to their schedule in a more relaxed atmosphere. There is already enough stress in the purchase of a house. Anything I can do to make it easier helps me to serve my clients in the best way possible.”

    Connie invites anyone who is interested in finding out more information about residential mortgages to contact her at any time by email or phone.

Residential Mortgage Specialist
RBC Royal Bank of Canada
Phone: 705-969-3796
Fax: 705-969-1492
Cell: 705-677-6379
Connie Laforest will be providing us with special information articles to help people better understand the new product lines and options available from the RBC Royal Bank.
Merry Christmas To The Valley From Independent Energy Services
   Rick Villeneuve, owner of Independent Energy Services is ready to give you a wonderful Christmas gift to celebrate the holiday season! Sign a contract to purchase a Natural Gas Fireplace from IES on or before December 29, 2006 , and Rick will give you a $200 discount off the regular price!
   Natural gas fireplaces provide instant ambiance to the home. These units have realistic log settings and can be controlled by a wall thermostat or via a remote controller. Fireplaces are sized in different heating inputs so rooms of different sizes can be heated by different heat inputs.

   “I personally run my furnace fan 24 hours a day to filter the air and balance my home temperatures so during the non-severe heating times I run my fireplace as a lower heating input source. This allows me to only use about 25,000 btu’s of heat rather than having my 75,000 btu furnace running,” declared Barry Hamilton, Sales Manager for IES.

   Fireplaces can even be dressed up by the addition of trim kits, decorative door kits or false brick panel firebricks. Independent Energy Services also install wooden fireplace surrounds if desired by our customers.

   Natural gas fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular because of the convenience of having all of the benefits of an old-style wooden fireplace without the work. Wood burning fireplaces in air tight homes also require HRV ventilators. This is not a concern with a sealed combustion direct vented gas fireplace.

    Most gas fireplaces allow a turn down of the gas flame size and heat input to a 50% adjustable flame/heat rate. For the Green folks the gas fireplace is environmentally friendly too. Finally, natural gas fireplaces can even be inserted into your current wood burning fireplace.
   The sales staff from Independent Energy Services will have a natural gas fireplace set up on display at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre. You can see first-hand for yourself why so many people are switching to natural gas. Come and talk to the staff at the mall this Thursday and Friday, December 14 and 15 from
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. We will also be returning to the mall on Thursday and Friday, December 21 and 22. Don’t miss out on this terrific Christmas Gift being offered by Rick. Purchase a natural gas fireplace on or before December 29, 2006 and get $200 off the regular price. A deal like this doesn’t come along very often! See you at the mall.

2869 White Street ,
Val Caron, ON


First Annual Valley East Christmas Food Drive Scheduled for This Coming Thursday: Dec. 14
   The staff of Neil’s Your Independent Grocers and The Vision Paper are ready to launch the First Annual Valley East Christmas Food Drive on Thursday night – December 14, 2006 . Beginning at 6:00 p.m. all available staff will hop on board a specially decorated “float” and make their way through the streets of Valley East , singing Christmas Carols and knocking on doors looking for donations of non-perishable food.
   In order to thank people for their generousity, Neil’s YIG will be giving each donor a ballot for every item of food donated. That ballot can then be filled out and deposited in the Food Bank Depot which is located inside Neil’s YIG. One lucky person will win $250 worth of groceries when the draw is made on Saturday, December 23.
   Anyone who wishes to donate food between now and December 14, may do so by dropping the food off in the Food Bank Depot at the entrance to Neil’s Your Independent Grocer. There, you can pick up a ballot and enter the draw for the free groceries. Neil’s YIG also has some prepared bags of food with high nutrients on sale for $3 if you wish to simply pick up one of those bags of food as your donation.
   All food collected will be delivered to the Good Neighbours Food Bank in Hanmer for distribution to needy families.
   The Vision Paper and Neil’s Your Independent Grocer wish to thank the people of
Valley East for their support of this very worthy cause.  
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