Capreol Days 2006 Called A Huge Success By Organizers
Capreol Days 2006 is history now, but the memories will linger on for many years. Gary Biesinger and the staff and columnists of Capreol Online have assembled some photos and results of various activities of the weekend. We would encourage you to visit Capreol Online through the link below to find out all about Capreol Days. You will also enjoy visiting Capreol Online for the vast wealth of information and knowledge that Gary has assembled about this great community. Enjoy your visit.

The Case of The Missing Playground Equipment Is Solved
But What Now????

Real Carre, Director of Leisure, community and volunteer services has explained that the removal of local playground equipment during the middle of summer vacation is for the safety and well-being of the Greater Sudbury community. He added that the City is beginning to completely replace or partially retrofit aging playgrounds that no longer meet Canadian Standards Association guidelines.

The photos above and below show that the Valley Acres playground was one of those facilities that lost a major piece of equipment earlier this spring. It has not been replaced yet, so neighbourhood children have lost out on many days of holiday enjoyment. This has not sat well with parents of the area.

Close to 30 playgrounds throughout the City of Greater Sudbury have had equipment removed this year. Apparently, a playground practitioner (whatever that is) was hired this spring to create an inventory of playground equipment and report back to the department of leisure services. Equipment that did not meet Canadian Standards was removed. Tenders were put out on July 21, with City Council expected to approve the process on August 10. Council approved an expenditure of $750,000 in January for the upgrading of playgrounds, but the procedures in place require further approval of the tendering process. If Council approves the expenditure for the new equipment, it will be ordered and installed sometime in late September or early October, just in time to be covered up with snow.

Many local residents in the Valley Acres subdivision, as well as in the area around Elmview Playground are fuming at the loss of equipment and the subsequent discovery that nothing has been done to replace it in a timely manner. Some parents are claiming that there is nothing wrong with the equipment in the first place. Some welding and fresh paint would have done the job just fine and given children a place to play all summer.

Others are extremely upset that the City is using the "safety excuse" with playground equipment. One mother was quoted as saying, "Just look at the rust that is all over the playground equipment. If they are so worried about safety, then why don't they get a can of paint and fix the equipment that is left here. My children are more likely to get injured by a piece of rust than from faulty equipment."

One young father used very forceful language to state what he thought about the "safety line" being used by the City. "They say they are so concerned about the safety of the children then they build a skateboard park in Minnow Lake and allow kids to risk head injuries because they are not forced to wear equipment. Give me a break!"

Carre admitted that the City should have informed local residents prior to removing the equipment. As a result, the city will be sending flyers to residents who live within a kilometre of the affected parks to explain why the equipment was removed and when it will be replaced. 

While that may please some people, others are pointing to this as another example of what is wrong with the current system. As one observer stated, "First of all they hire a consultant to do an inventory of the playground equipment when we have all kinds of staff in the leisure department. Then they take out the equipment at the beginning of the summer and don't plan on replacing it until October. Then they leave all of the rest of the equipment covered in rust to deteriorate so that it will have to be replaced next year. What are they thinking?"

Robert Kirwan, one of the Candidates for Council of Ward 6, Hanmer and Val Therese, had several comments to make on the matter. "Our local playgrounds should be the heart of their neighbourhood. When people with children are deciding on a place to live, they don't just look for a house. They look at the recreational facilities, the schools, the day care centers and the retail outlets. Then they choose a home that will be central to the needs of a growing family. When they travel around Valley East they see playgrounds with rusty equipment, long grass, gravel on the pavement, graffiti on the walls and gaping holes where equipment has been removed. Despite all of this, Valley East is still booming. Imagine how things will be once we force the City to pay serious attention to our playgrounds and the conditions of our community."




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  • The Case of The Missing Playground Equipment Is Solved
    But What Now????
  • The 2006 Mini-Masters Takes Place This Weekend on Saturday, August 12. There is still time to Registrations at The Valley Family Golf Centre
  • Valley East Mens' Slo-Pitch Standings 
  • Buying A New House This Year? Check Out Your Options At FANTASTIC FLOORS Before You Move In 
  • Linda Tessier Is Winner of the July Customer Appreciation Contest At The Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre
  • Mary Guy Says Thank You To Everyone Who Supported The Dystonia Walk-And-Wheel Event
  • Masciangelo Motors Brings In Greater Number of On-Site Vehicles With Expansion of Lot Space
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  • Let Us All Do Our Part To Return To The Basics of Life: People, Tolerance and Love...Editorial by Robert Kirwan 
  • A Year Filled With Memories For Valley East's Ryan Benoit - Provincial Easter Seals Representative
  • Excellent Franchise Opportunity
  • Valley East AAA Midget Cobras Announce Try-Out Times
  • Combination Locks Now Available At Sixteen Different Locations In The Community Each Week.
  • Valley East Ladies' Slo-Pitch League Plays Every Monday and Tuesday Evening At Centennial Fields In Hanmer
  • Nicole Brunet of Beswick Denture Clinic Provides Readers With Excellent Advice On Combating Bad Breath
  • Great Selection of Cowboy Boots Now Available At Sole Mates Family Footwear 
  • On the Lighter Side
  • Long Distance Calling????  Interested in Voice Over Internet Technology??? Need Your Computer Repaired???
  • Election Information Section


  • New Development Establishing Busy Intersection 
    As the "Power Centre" of Valley East
  • Popularity of "Welcome Home Gift Basket" Is Clear Indication Of Growth Of The Community
  • Keep The Spirit Alive Contest Is Being Well-Received By Local Residents 
  • Ron & Lise Gladu Welcome All Visitors To Take A Tour Of Their Home Based Professional Studio
  • Lion's Skate Board Park Is Typical of Similar Unsupervised Facilities
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The 2006 Mini-Masters Takes Place This Weekend on Saturday, August 12. There is still time to Register at The Valley Family Golf Centre

The 15th Annual Mini-Masters Junior Golf Tournament will be held at the Valley Family Golf Centre on Regional Road 15 just outside Blezard Valley, on Saturday, August 12, 2006. Myrna Young, shown looking over the plaque with the past winners, has been involved in every one of the events.

The tournament is open to all boys and girls from the ages of 4 through 12. It consists of a nine-hole tournament; special skills competitions; a barbeque lunch; prizes and trophies. The action starts at 9:30 a.m.

Registration fee for the tournament is only $35.

For more information on how you can register your child, call Myrna or Vic at 897-7400.  


PAST WINNERS of Mini Masters Golf Tournament

1992 Ryan Abresch Magan Pitura
1993 Ryan Abresch Tina Savard
1994 Ryan Abresch Celine Taillefer
1995 Ryan Abresch Tina Savard
1996 Mathew Houle Joanne Lachance
1997 Mathew Houle Tina Savard
1998 Matthew Bortolotto Desiree Major
1999 Andrew Kottick Desiree Major
2000 Corey Leger Melanie Fenton
2001 Serge Bourdeau Nicole Deschamps
2002 James Gagne Karine Gauthier
2003 Michael Grieri Karine Gauthier
2004 Dexton Abresch Stephanie White
2005 John Maley Vanessa Young-Armstrong

Each week during the 2006 season, Brian Beaupre will be providing us with up-to-date standings from the Valley East Mens' Slo Pitch League. You will be able to open up the standings in a WORD DOCUMENT and save them to your own computer if you wish. We appreciate Brian's efforts in providing us with this important service.

AUGUST 4, 2006
Whether You Are Buying a Newly Built House or a Previously Owned House, It Is Always A Good Time To Check Out Flooring Options Before You Move In! 
   Ron Pedneault, owner of Fantastic Floors, located in the Valley Bingo Plaza in Val Caron, prepares to discuss some new flooring options with one of his customers who have just purchased a new home in Valley East . The young couple is looking forward to moving into their home at the beginning of August and wanted to make some changes to the existing floors. Here they were going over some of the samples of ceramics and porcelain which are becoming ever popular throughout the entire house, not just in the kitchen and bathrooms.

   According to Ron, “Just about everybody I know who has purchased an existing house makes some changes to the flooring in at least one of the rooms. New home owners want to personalize the house in some way to make sure that the floors and walls are in line with their own personalities, or they just find the old flooring in need of replacement. Whatever the reason, it is always a good idea to change the flooring “before” you begin moving in with the furniture.”

   Ron advises that if you are preparing to move into a new house this summer or fall, it would be a good idea to meet with him to go over the options and plan your renovations to coincide with your moving date. Even if you are still “looking” for that perfect house, stop by and talk about the different kinds of flooring that you can order and get an idea of approximate cost so that you can include floor replacement in your cost calculations at the time of purchase. It doesn’t hurt to talk, and Ron will always find time to give you free advice.

   “You wouldn’t believe the number of people I’ve seen who are moving into homes in the Valley. We knew this community was going to grow, which is one of the main reasons we wanted to open FANTASTIC FLOORS,” stated Ron, who after spending over 30 years working in the flooring business on everything from installing to sales and management, has found that the transition to owning and operating his own store has been extremely satisfying.

   “We will do anything we can to help the Valley grow and prosper. That is why we are participating in the Valley East Lions Charity Days Treasure Hunt,” he explained.

   FANTASTIC FLOORS will have one of the twelve (12) combination locks on site from July 20 to July 26 and again from August 10 to 16. Anyone who has a combination is invited to stop by and see if you can open the lock and qualify for a trip to Cuba .

FANTASTIC FLOORS, is open Monday to Wednesday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ; open late until 9 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays, and; open until 5 p.m. on Saturdays. 
   We also invite you to take a virtual tour of FANTASTIC FLOORS on their web site at  www.fantasticfloors.ca 

2914 Hwy 69 North, Val Caron
In the
Valley Bingo Plaza


8th Annual Golf Tournament

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Clearview Golf Club in Val Caron

18 Hole 4-Person Best Ball

10:30 a.m. Shot Gun Start

A Large Screen TV Hole In One 
Sponsored by Bianco's Audiotronics

Men's & Ladies Closest To the Pin 50/50 Contest

Men's & Ladies Longest Drive Contest

$10,000 Hole In One 
Sponsored by Valley Pro Sports

Plus Prizes & A Steak Dinner


Contact Dave Stone at 897-6641


9:00 P.M.
This is a special fund raiser being held by the youth group of The Grotto of Lourdes Shrine. Tickets are $10 per person and prizes will be given out during the evening. The youth are challenging the adults to come out in great numbers.

Marymount College/Academy’s  50th  Anniversary Reunion

Calling all former & present students & teachers …Spouses & friends welcome also…

Sat. Oct. 14th /06 --  11am-2pm: Open House - Marymount Academy

       6pm: Reception &  6:30pm: Dinner at  Howard Johnson Hotel (Brady St.)

      (Seating for 300 only!)

Sun. Oct. 15th/06 --  10:00am: Mass at Marymount

      11:00am: Light Brunch

Tickets: $50./person   Register online at: www.marymount.scdsb.edu.on.ca/reunion.html

Or pick up forms at St. Patrick’s Church (in main entrance at Youth Bulletin Board) 39 Walford Rd.;

Christ the King Church or Vicki Dee’s (Forms can be dropped off at all Sudbury Catholic Churches)

Mail cheque payable to Marymount Academy 165 D’Youville Ave. Sudbury, ON P3C 5E7

Final Registration Deadline: August 20th/2006

The Royal Canadian Legion Capreol Branch 179, Capreol has established a special Trust fund for the benefit of Trevor McDavid's wife,  Giselle and their two daughters.

Trevor McDavid, 31,  was killed July 13, 2006 in a helicopter crash during a rescue exercise off the coast of Nova Scotia with the Canadian Armed Forces. McDavid grew up in Capreol. He was the father of two and he and his young wife are expecting a third child.  McDavid grew up in Capreol and is fondly remembered by all who knew him.

Donations may be made at these location: The Capreol Legion, Northern Credit Union, Capreol Liquor Store, Joan's Variety and M&R Grill. 

Cheques, made out to The Trevor McDavid Trust Fund may be mailed to The Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 179, 16 Young Street, Capreol ON P0M 1H0 Tel: 705-858-1522.

For more information please call David Bateman at 858-5971 or Gary Biesinger at 858-4687, or email to garyb@capreolonline.com

You can find out more by going to the following link:


Linda Tessier Is Winner of the July Customer Appreciation Contest At The Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre
"This is the first time I've ever won anything in my life," explained a happy Linda Tessier as she received her package of gift certificates from Robert Kirwan, Director of Marketing & Public Relations for the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre. Linda was the winner of the July Customer Appreciation Contest which is sponsored by mall merchants. She received a total of over $1500 in gift certificates and coupons which can be used by either herself or any of her family and friends to whom she wishes to distribute any she cannot use herself. Shoppers are invited to enter the contest each time they make a purchase at the mall. All they have to do is place their name and phone number on the back of their cash register receipt or fill out one of the ballots available in front of Desjardins' Food Basics or Billie Jeans.
Mary Guy Says Thank You To Everyone Who Supported The Dystonia Walk-And-Wheel Event
To our loyal supporters:

Although our numbers were small, our Walk and Wheel for Dystonia Medical Research was a success. With 35 participants, including MPP Shelley Martel, we raised just over $5600 and we hope to receive some extra money from Wal-Mart. It was a cool day but great for walking. We had lots of door prizes and with our small numbers everyone went home with a prize. Thank you to LInda Thompson, who organized the BBQ; Len Shymkiw for doing the cooking, and to the merchants who supplied the food...Desjardins' Food Basics (Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre); Loebs (Val Caron); Neil's YIG (Hanmer); Marche Richelieu (Hanmer; and Tim Horton's (Hanmer).

Special thanks to all the retailers who donated door prizes: Plaza 69 Pharmacy, John Ellis IDA, Staples, Ray Bonin (Canadian Flaga), Chapters, M&M Meats, Rusty Cellars, Toppers Pizza, Scotiabank, Barrydowne Paint & Wallpaper, Wal-Mart, Buddies' Restaurant, Grand & Toy, Chico's Bowl & Sports Lounge, Dorothy Pearsall, and Mary Guy. 

We also made the front page of the Sudbury Star with a wonderful article about Dwayne Backer, who raised an amazing $1937.75 for the cause. Keith Lacey from the Northern Life also did an article for us about dystonia and Bob Kirwan showed up to take pictures at our walk so we look forward to seeing them either in the Vision newspaper or on his web site at www.valleyeasttoday.ca.

With all this coverage, many more people should be aware of this illness called dystonia. With the help of all these wonderful people our walk was a great success.

Thank you,
Mary Guy, Support Group Leader
(Mary is shown in the front centre of the photo above. Dwayne Backer is to her immediate right)
Visit the June 20 edition of Valley East Today for the story and photos >>>>>



Mall News

Online Mall Flyer

Calendar of Events

Masciangelo Motors Brings In Greater Number of On-Site Vehicles With Expansion of Lot Space
Masciangelo Motors has recently expanded the the amount of space it has on site for vehicles and the result has been a huge increase in the number of cars and trucks on the lot for customers to browse through. 

Ron & Jeff continue to search out the auctions, both in person and on-line to bring in the best deals possible. This means that many vehicles are on and off the lot before you know it, so many people in the market for pre-owned vehicles have developed the habit of dropping in for a look on a regular basis.

You can still discuss the type of car or truck you would like to purchase and have Ron & Jeff search out the continent for exactly what you are looking for. The "Pick of the Month" section on their web site also gives you an excellent overview of the kinds of vehicles you can find on the lot.

If you want a close up look at the latest on the lot, just drop in and see Ron, Jeff, Tim or Jennifer. Better yet, go the link below and take a tour right from your computer.

You can find out much more by visiting the Masciangelo Motors web site at www.masciangelomotors.com

Robert Kirwan Creates Comprehensive Web Site To Explain His Position On The Issues of Importance to Residents of  Hanmer & Val Therese As He Seeks Their Support As The Next Councillor For Ward 6

For more>>>>

Community Groups & Organizations; Churches; Schools - Are All Are Invited To Use Mall Facilities Free Of Charge To Raise Money and Promote Their Activities

The Marymount Academy Travelling Group is just one of the many groups and organizations that take advantage of an open invitation by the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre to use its facilities to promote their activities and raise money through fund raisers such as car washes, penny tables, raffle sales and bake tables. There is absolutely no charge for the use of the facilities and the mall even provides tables, chairs and other material to help the groups. The owners of the mall, Val and Violet Mazzuca, have been strong supporters of Valley East and Capreol and will bend over backwards to help out in any way they can. If you or your group would like more information about using the mall, simply contact the Director of Marketing & Public Relations, Robert Kirwan at 524-7006.

See what Caroline has to say this week>>>>


The Valley East Ringette Association invites everyone to a Corn Roast at Neil's Independent Grocer in Hanmer on August 19, 2006. The event will be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. There will be community vendors, fun and games; music; street ringette; hay and pony rides; a car wash; BBQ, and more.
For information about the event, contact Terry at 969-5336

Roger's Tower Update
A good source has told Valley East Today that the Roger's Cell Tower should be operational by the end of the summer. Apparently the company has been having difficulties with the contractor and this has put the project behind schedule.
Centennial Year Book...
The Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes wants to prepare an historical document for centennial year. We are inviting anyone with pictures and stories to tell to contact Josée Lapalme at 675-1151 ext. 5100.
Moonlight Bowl For The Grotto...
Come one and all!  A fundraiser is being held by the youth group at The Grotto of Lourdes Shrine.  Friday, August 11th, there will be a moonlight bowl at
9 p.m. at Plaza Bowl in Sudbury .  Tickets are 10$ a person and prizes will be given throughout the evening.  The youth are also challenging the adults to come out in great numbers.  For more information or to purchase tickets, please call Christiane at 673-3961.  It is sure to be a great time!

Valley East Youth Centre
Open Friday Evenings
From 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Across from the
Centennial Arena in Hanmer

From Previous Issues
Feature Articles Table of Contents...
August 8, 2006
  • The Case of The Missing Playground Equipment Is Solved
    But What Now????
  • The 2006 Mini-Masters Takes Place This Weekend on Saturday, August 12. There is still time to Registrations at The Valley Family Golf Centre
  • Valley East Mens' Slo-Pitch Standings 
  • Linda Tessier Is Winner of the July Customer Appreciation Contest At The Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre
  • Mary Guy Says Thank You To Everyone Who Supported The Dystonia Walk-And-Wheel Event
  • Is There Someone You Want To Thank Today?...Editorial by Robert Kirwan 
  • A Year Filled With Memories For Valley East's Ryan Benoit - Provincial Easter Seals Representative
  • Valley East AAA Midget Cobras Announce Try-Out Times
  • New Development Establishing Busy Intersection 
    As the "Power Centre" of Valley East
  • Hanmer Skate Board Park Is Typical of Similar Unsupervised Facilities
August 1, 2006
  • Valley East's John Rodriguez Enters The Race For Mayor of The City of Greater Sudbury
  • Natalie Raymond-Marois Of The Valley East Ladies' Slo-Pitch League Is Nominated As One of Greater Sudbury's Best Slo-Pitch Players  
  • Valley East Ladies' Slo-Pitch League Features Skill & Fun For The Girls of Summer
  • Let Us All Do Our Part To Return To The Basics of Life: People, Tolerance and Love...Editorial by Robert Kirwan 
  • It’s Time To Give  Valley East  An Identity
  • Hanmer's Joey Niceforo Continues To Shine As An International Star In The World of Opera
  • Frenchman/Hanmer/Joe/Dixon Lakes Ratepayers' Association Known Otherwise As The Valley East Ratepayers' Association Holds Impressive Annual General Meeting
  • Grotto of Our Lourdes Is Going To Become One Of The Major Attractions In Northeastern Ontario By The Time The Restructuring Project Is Completed
July 25, 2006
  • Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre Comes Out As One Of Most Courteous Areas Of The City In Sudbury Star Research
  • Chad Salemink of Desjardins' Food Basics Is One Of The Reasons Why People Are Impressed With Politeness Level Of The People of Valley East
  • Teens Invited To Work With Valley East Youth Centre To Make This Something That The Entire Community Can Be Proud Of 
  • The Key To Being A Successful Leader Is Simple… Know Your People! Editorial by Robert Kirwan
  • Sudbury Action Centre For Youth Enjoy Raising Funds For Wonderland Trip At The Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre
  • Buddies’ Restaurant Chosen To Host The First Annual Valley East Idol Competition  
  • Northway Bus Lines Is Looking For New Drivers
  • Are You Available For Work In Valley East or Capreol? Looking For Full- or Part-Time Employees? Check Out The Valley East Today Employment Section

July 18, 2006

  • Andrea Martin - A Renaissance Lady From Valley East Who Has Become The Public Face of Science North Enterprises
  • Local Residents Upset That Playground Equipment Taken From Elmview Playground Has Not Been Replaced
  • Exceed The Expectations of Those Around You...Editorial by Robert Kirwan
  • Free Bus Transportation From Capreol to Desjardins' Food Basics Twice A Month Now That Grocery Store Has Closed
  • The Action Was As Hot As The Temperature in the Valley East Mixed Slo-Pitch Tournament Held Last Weekend 
  • Ryan Benoit's Unique Abilities Serve Him Well In His Role as Provincial Ambassador for the Easter Seal Society
  • 21st Annual Hanmer Knights of Columbus
    FESTIVAL D'ETE / SUMMER FAIR Once Again Draws Huge Crowds To Hanmer

July 11, 2006

  • Junior Golf League At Valley Family Golf Centre Provides Introduction To A Lifelong Sport For Young Boys and Girls
  • Young Couple Chooses Valley East After Considering What The Future Will Offer For Their Children
  • Don't Throw Away That Old Paper Bag Full of Treasures...Editorial by Robert Kirwan
  • Safety of Children In Residential Subdivision Is Motive Behind Request For Additional Stop Signs On Desmarais Road
  • Valley East Soccer Club Holds Very Successful Houseleague Tournament At End of June
  • Robert Kirwan Says It’s Show Time For Valley East Time To Raise The Curtain  
  • Valley Acres Playground Is An Example Of Why Things Must Change In Outlying Areas of the City After November Election

July 4, 2006

  • Last Day of School Ribbon Cutting Ceremony A Significant Moment In The History of Valley View Public School
  • It Was A Morning That All Students From Val Caron and Valley View Public Schools Will Always Remember
  • You Could Win Millions In The “Keep The Spirit Alive Campaign” 
  • Masciangelo Motors Practices A Whole New Approach To The Selling of Pre-Owned Vehicles
  • Building A Strong And Productive Life is Simple...by Robert Kirwan
  • Valley East Lions Charity Days - Check Out The Vision Paper July 5 
  • Kin Club of Valley East Thank The Public For Supporting Them By Providing Record Sales Totals On July 1 Weekend
  • Lifeguard Team At Kalmo Beach in Val Caron Takes Pride In What They Do
  • Valley East Youth Centre Opens July 7 With Hope For A Long, Bright Future 
  • Myrna Young Plans On Making The 2006 Mini-Masters One Of The Best Ever At The Valley Family Golf Centre
  • Robert Kirwan Finds Election Campaign No Different From His Normal Routine  
  • What Happened To The Playground Equipment At Valley Acres Playground?

June 27, 2006

  • Val Therese Man Wins "Ticket To Ride" Contest And Takes Home $29,000 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle
  • 350 Couples Celebrate Over 15,000 Years of Marriage In North Bay
  • Kin Club of Valley East Will Once Again Be Selling Fireworks For Canada Day At The Mall 
  • Coach Dan Ross Writes About The "Dream Season" For Bran-Kor Midgets
  • Jean Beaupre Strikes Gold In The Hills At Clearview  
  • Grade 3 & 4 Students From Ecole Notre Dame de L'Esperance Introduced To Golf
  • Former Easter Seal Ambassador Doesn’t Let Her Physical Disability Affect Her Attitude  

June 20, 2006

  • Junior Golf League Starts Thursday At Whistling Winds Golf Course
  • 9th Annual Dystonia Walk In Valley East Raises Valuable Funds For Research 
  • Valley East Lions Club Officially Opens Storage Building To Complete Re-Construction of Lions' Den
  • Madam Charette's Grade 3/4 Class Enjoys Sub Party For Participating In Mothers' Day Card Contest
  • Witnesses thrilled with response to convention  

June 13, 2006

  • Valley East Ladies' Slo-Pitch League Has Bright Future
  • The Campeau Family Is A True Example Of What Community Is All About In Valley East 
  • Club Optimiste de Vallee Holds Another Successful Golf Tournament In Valley East With 73 Participants
  • Grade 4/5 Class From Redwood Acres Enjoys Pizza Party For Participating in Mothers' Day Card Display
  • Young Student Creates Historical Display Honouring The Mazzuca Family
  • Marymount Academy Travelling Group Hosts Penny Table & Bake Sale At the Mall
  • St. Kevin's Parish Holds Its Annual Family Fun Day
  • Housing Market Is Strong In Greater Sudbury Area
  • Not All Full-Time Laurentian University Students Happy About Having To Pay $135 For Transit System Pass This Fall
  • City Council Urged To Ban Cosmetic Use of Pesticides

June 6, 2006

  • Vic Whissell To Coach Carter McDavid During Summer Months
  • Korbin Thibault Hopes To Make Baby Boy A Household Name  
  • Valley East Waves Excel In The Pool This Past Season
  • Mosquitoes: Don't let them ruin your outdoor activities
  • Therese Campeau is winner of May Customer Appreciation Contest
  • Local Residents Looking For Assistance In Finding Meaningful Employment Now Have Easier Access To Job Connect / Connexion Emploi
  • Valley East Waves Host First Car Wash At The Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre on Saturday, June 3, 2006

May 30, 2006

  • It’s Time To Bring Out The Bats & Gloves And “Play Ball”
  • Kin Club of Valley East Still Optimistic About Their Mission Despite Break In During Victoria Weekend Holiday
  • Ontario Metis Aboriginal Association Conducts Free Blood Glucose Screening Clinic
  • Healthy Babies - Health Children By Helping Young Mothers Before & After Birth
  • Young Friends Take Part In Relay For Life Project To Stay Together During Post-Secondary Years
  • Windows In Time Section Of Valley East Today Community Web Site Brings Back Fond Memories

May 23, 2006

  • Announcement of First Annual Lions Club of Valley East Charity Days Receiving Great Response From Local Residents 
    GARDENIA ETOILE FILANTE Will Be Held May 29, 2006 at 6:00 p.m. at The Valley East Public Library
  • A Special Thank You To The General Public From Lizette Gascon
  • Chevaliers du Columb / Knights of Columbus Council #5005
  • Co-op Education Program At Bishop Alexander Carter Catholic Secondary School Provides Valuable Real-Life Experience for Students 
  • Kin Club of Valley East Holds Annual Fireworks Sale To Raise Funds For Community Projects
  • Grotto Association Announces Winners of Mothers' Day Raffle Draw







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Lou's Shoe Repair
Valley Plaza Barber Shop
Glamorous You
The Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre

Hanson Family Dentistry
Heatwave Tanning Salon
Fantastic Floors

Ron Gladu Photos
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Drago Men's Wear
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Masciangelo Motors
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