There is absolutely no question that the community of Valley East is in the middle of a tremendous growth period. We see new subdivisions and homes being developed all over the place, but the real indicators are that new schools and new businesses are being built in the community    true signs that we are on the verge of a population explosion like we’ve never experienced before. It is now time to give Valley East an identity that will clearly demonstrate what our true nature is all about! When someone asks you to describe the community of Valley East , you want to be able to give them a short, quick answer that says it all and you need a simple but effective and identifiable logo that will be recognized as Valley East ’s own.

A number of years ago The City of Toronto unveiled its branding campaign – Toronto Unlimited! The goal was to create a single Toronto brand and to develop a fresh new way of communicating the city’s strong and dynamic identity to the rest of the world. The signature line Toronto Unlimited, is meant to celebrate the unlimited potential of the people and the endless opportunities they offer in the city.

We too need a starting point! So I am offering the suggestion above as the brand we should adopt for Valley East . VALLEY EAST – A PLACE TO GROW says it all. Growth implies progress and development, not only in a personal sense, but also with respect to business, community spirit, empowerment of our youth, etc. People are always saying that Valley East is a great place to raise a family; a great place to start a business; a great place for finding satisfaction in recreational, cultural or sports fields; in other words, it is a great place to grow and develop, regardless of your personal preferences or goals. Growth also means progress. If you are looking to improve yourself spiritually, intellectually, psychologically, socially, culturally, physically – or in any other way you can think of, Valley East will offer you that opportunity to achieve your goals and dreams.

We need something that says it all, and as a resident of this community since 1974, 
I would certainly feel comfortable telling everyone that I live in  
Valley East
 -  A Place To Grow!  


The settlement in this area goes all the way back to 1904 when the Hanmer Township was incorporated. In 1906, the Blezard Township was incorporated and the area we now know as Valley East began developing on two fronts.

Over time, the settlements grew into the villages known as Hanmer, Val Therese, Val Caron, Blezard Valley, Guietteville, and McCrea Heights. These villages were were amalgamated in 1968 and became the Township of Valley Eas...t.

With the advent of Regional Government in 1973, we became known as the Town of Valley East. In 1998 we were officially incorporated as the City of Valley East. That distinction was short-lived as in 2001 we were amalgamated with the municipalities of Walden, Rayside-Balfour, Nickel Centre, Capreol, Sudbury, and Onaping and became the City of Greater Sudbury.

Many people will tell you that the opening of the Centennial Arena in 1971 basically threw the Township of Valley East into a bitter battle with the residents of Val Caron and Blezard Valley upset that the new arena was built in Hanmer.

Regional Government brought us back together on January 1, 1973 when we became known as the Town of Valley East, and then Mayor Raymond Plourde helped ease the rivalry when he convinced Council in 1974 to build the Confederation Arena, which is now named the Ray Plourde Arena.

Bev McIver, the Town Recreation Director, was also instrumental in creating a feeling of unity between the various segments of the community when he created a united minor hockey system with players being drawn from Hanmer, Val Caron and Blezard Valley. That was the beginning of a community that has grown together ever since.

In 1975 the first Valley East Days was held to celebrate the community that was known as the Town of Valley East and to recognize the spirit that had been created at that time. Every year since we have come together at the beginning of September to remember our past and celebrate our community.

The Valley East Today Community Web Site was founded in 2003 and is a collection of stories, editorials, profiles and general items of interest that are being archived for the benefit of people currently living in Valley East or who were once residents.

On January 16, 2010, we created a social media platform and began publishing all stories and articles on the Valley East Facebook Group. We are pleased to see that the group has grown to more than 17,000 members. In fact, if the Valley East Community Group was one of the 444 municipalities in Ontario, we would be the 95th largest municipality by population in the province.
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by Robert Kirwan
Robert Kirwan has been writing inspirational editorials about education, sports and life in general for over 25 years. He is most recognized as the writer/editor for Valley East's The Vision Paper for almost ten years. In this section of Valley East Today, you will find many of Robert Kirwan's favourite editorials.  
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by Kevin Shanahan
Kevin Shanahan is a local writer who has been battling cancer for a number of years. He shares his thoughts about life in the hope of providing inspiration to others who are dealing with this dreadful disease as well as other challenges in life. In this section of Valley East Today we have over fifty different articles that Kevin has written for us so that our readers may share some of his inspirational words.
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When it comes to education for your children, Valley East may very well be the most perfectly situated residential area in the whole of Greater Sudbury. No other community offers you access to such a variety of choices when it comes to the education of your children. Besides that, there is bus transportation to a number of schools in other locations in Sudbury for qualifying students. This is everything a parent could ask for when it comes to the future of your children. Quality of life and a solid education! There are no less than 15 different elementary and secondary schools in the Town of Valley East operated by the four school boards.

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