Valley East Today invites all readers to share some of their fondest memories about living in the community of Valley East. 

The following people have graciously provided us with some of their thoughts to share with others.


Colette Salemink Living in Valley East (photo memories)
Wendy Bisson Now living in Orlando, Florida
Marc Tardiff Now living in Mississauga, Ontario
Pierre Paradis Now living in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario
Chantal Pellerin Now living in Texas, United States
Monique Raymond Grenon Now living in Hanmer
Linda Streitenberger Now living in Valley East
Jeff Hagger Now living in Buffalo, New York


We have set up a place where we can honour and congratulate people from our community who have celebrated many years of marriage. We look forward to submissions for this section...

Henri-Paul & Jeanette Boudreau
Eucariste Landry and Domethilde Campeau Landry
Louis and Lea Landry at their 50th wedding anniversary
Bernard & Leonne Raymond on their wedding day
Joe Niceforo and Jean Pharand


Valley East Today would like to congratulate Henri-Paul and Jeanette Boudreau for being people who made a huge difference in this community.  As you can see from the story below, they have been excellent role models, not only for their children, but also for everyone who has had the good fortune to share part of their lives.

Henri-Paul and Jeanette Boudreau met 51 years ago.  Jeanette came from New-Brunswick and Henri-Paul from Quebec .  Henri Paul came to work in Sudbury and Jeanette came to Sudbury to help out her sister and her children.  From the relocation to Sudbury they both met through some friends in Hanmer and the rest is history.  They wed on September 3, 1950 .  From this marriage they got 4 lovely children.  The oldest being Nicole followed by Yvon,  Michel and Carole.  Their family grew bigger with 2 sons-in-law, 2 daughter-in-laws and 6 grandchildren and just recently 2 great-grandchildren from their first grandson.

Jeannette and Henri-Paul lived all their lives in Hanmer.  Both were custodians at Ste-Anne's school in Hanmer.   They are both retired now and are enjoying life.  They love to travel, visit their children and most of all spending time which each other.  Their love has been transmitted to their children and their grandchildren.  We are very proud of our parents and cherish them to no end.    


Eucariste Landry and 

Domethilde Campeau Landry

Eucariste Landry & Domethilde Campeau Landry lived in Cheneville Quebec before moving to Hanmer in 1900. They had seven children: Louis Landry, Caliste Landry, Rose Anna Landry Proulx, Donalda Landry Lizotte, Eliza Landry Drennan, Alexina Landry Paiment, and Delphine Landry Gauthier.


Louis and Lea Landry at their 50th wedding anniversary

Mr Louis Landry, a resident of Hanmer since 1900 and the former Lea Ouellette were wed at Bleazard Valley by Monsignor Cote in 1904. 

A Native of Cheneville Quebec, Mr Landry moved to Hanmer where he helped cut down trees to build the family homestead. 

He successfully operated his farm as his business. This photo of their 50th wedding Anniversary was taken in 1954, he was 80 and his wife was 79. 

They had six children Mrs Lorenza ( Patrick Ben ) Quesnel of Hanmer, Delphis Landry of Sturgeon Falls, Mrs Hectorine ( Vinney) Labelle of Sudbury, Mrs Florestine ( Elzear) Proulx of Hanmer and Ernestine ( twin with Florestine) passed away in her twenties and Samuel passed away around the age of ten. 

All the Landry girls were all school teachers at some time in their life.



Bernard & Leonne Raymond

Mr. Bernard Raymond was born in Metcalf Ontario and joined the air force at the age of 18 and was stationed on different bases until he reached the Radar Base in Hanmer, this is how he met Leonne Proulx who was born and raised in Hanmer. 

Mr. Raymond then left the Air Force and wed Leonne and got hired with Inco. 

A few years later he left Inco and became and Iron Worker were he worked for many years until he became ill, and retired at an early age. 

Leonne Proulx Raymond started working at a very young age, she would help her mother Florestine teach school. She graduated High School at a very young age and went on to Business College. 

After college she worked for the Bank of Montreal and Toronto Dominion Bank then she was hired as the first bank teller for the Royal Bank in the Hanmer Mall. She worked there for over twenty years and was very well respected by her customers. She was forced to take an early retirement due to illness. 

Leonne Proulx Raymond died of cancer on June 16, 1984 at the young age of 49, and Bernard Raymond died of a heart attack on March 29, 1987 also at the young age of 48. 

They have two children Monique Raymond Grenon ( husband Daniel) of Hanmer and Carole Raymond Nadeau ( husband Carl) of Val Caron. Carole has followed in her mothers footsteps and has been working for the Royal Bank for twenty years.



The above photo was taken on May 9, 1964 upon the occasion of the marriage of Joe Niceforo to Jean Pharand.

The wedding took place at St. Jean de Brebeuf on Notre Dame Street in Sudbury.

Back row, from the left: const. Bob Cechetto, Sault Ste. Marie; const. Barry O’rourke, Sudbury ; late const. Floyd Schmidt; late const. Cal Smith;const. Lou Schaffer, Kitchener ; const. Bob Cooney, Sudbury .

Front row, left to right: late const. Dave Simister; const. Mel Valentini, Val Caron; Const. Joe Niceforo, groom, Hanmer; Jean Pharand, bride, Hanmer; const. Maurice Guillet, Val Caron; const. George Rossett;

The couple recently celebrated their 42nd anniversary with family and friends. They have three children: Kim, a nurse at INCO; Natalie, a teacher in Hanmer; and Joey, an opera tenor in Toronto.


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