Seminar and Workshop Presentations Suitable For Individual Viewing or Classroom Instruction Will Soon Be Published And Arranged On This Site For Use Free of Charge By Students, Teachers, Parents & Grandparents

Business leaders and professionals love to give seminars and workshops to students as a way of sharing their experiences and knowledge. Teachers appreciate the opportunity to bring in guest speakers to reinforce the concepts and skills that are being taught as part of the curriculum. Unfortunately, these experts from the community are not always available at the most appropriate times, and moreover can only be in one place at a time.

THE LEARNING CLINIC EDUCATION CENTRE is pleased to announce that we will be producing a number of video seminars and workshops on a variety of topics that will be designed to enhance the education of students of all ages. 

These presentations will be available to students, teachers and parents "on demand" and will be supported with resource material and program guides that can be used for self-guidance or by a teacher to conduct lessons in the classroom.

I will be working with business leaders, professional service providers, and institutional experts from both the public and private sector to publish a wide variety of video seminars over the coming months and years. My goal is to assemble a "bank of seminars" on topics such as financial literacy, entrepreneurship, health and wellness, natural resources and alternative careers among others in an effort to provide classroom teachers with pedogically sound resources that can be called upon when needed. You can now have a guest speaker come to your classroom through the power of the internet and you can use the presentation in any way you feel will be most effective with your students. Furthermore, parents will be able to use the videos to engage in discussions with their own children.


The video seminars on demand will add another dimension to THE LEARNING CLINIC EDUCATION CENTRE that will help students of all ages achieve their education and career development goals.

Besides the video seminars, teachers and parents will also have access to numerous resources in the form of radio programs, links to online resources, on-site documents, motivational editorials and stories, and special sections where we discuss current trends and challenges in the fields of education, training and career development.

My role as an Independent Education & Career Development Consultant is to make sure that students, parents and teachers have everything they need to meet their respective responsibilities for meeting their objectives.


In addition to the video presentations that will be produced by sponsors of The Learning Clinic Education Centre, I will also be searching the internet to find other video presentations that I feel will be of benefit to students, teachers, parents and grandparents with respect to education and career development.  

As we produce our own seminars we will post them below. 

In the meantime, we will continue to assemble some other video presentations that we feel our readers may appreciate.


Grown Up Digital author, Don Tapscott Explains How The Internet Has Changed The Way People Learn

A Presentation by Don Tapscott from Big Ideas on 


How The Internet Has Changed How We Learn And What We Know

A presentation by Dr. David Weinberger from Big Ideas on 


Collaboration, Participatory Media and Collective Action And How Wikipedia is Really An Outgrowth of our Natural Human Instinct To Work As A Group

A Presentation by Howard Rheingold from


What Adults Can Learn From Kids

A Presentation by Adora Svitak from



A Presentation by Arthur Benjamin from


Making Math Education Relevant in the Digital Age

A Presentation by Arthur Benhamin from


Did You Know?

From You Tube


How The Net Generation Is Changing The World

A Presentation by Don Tapscott from You Tube


How to pursue our dreams and see the opportunities in life's setbacks -- including death itself.

A Presentation by Steve Jobs on You Tube


True Success And How To Pursue The Best In Ourselves

A Presentation by John Wooden

A special series available on TVO

Eight years in the making, Empire of the Word is a compelling look inside the act of reading and traces its impact on more than five thousand years of human history. Introduced and narrated by one of the world's great readers, Canadian writer Alberto Manguel, the series traces reading's origins; examines how we learn to read; exposes censors' attempts to prevent our reading; and finally, proposes what the future might hold for this most human of creative acts.


This link will take you to the TVO site where you will find numerous video clips on all kinds of important topics concerning education and career development. Some of the videos also contain a link to a sub-page where the main video is split up into smaller segments for discussion purposes

Beyond The Basics: What should schools teach kids?

This video is a 28 minute panel discussion about what elementary school children need to progress not only through public school, but post-secondary and beyond. It's clear kids have to learn the basics - like reading , writing, and math. But experts say they also need to learn how to communicate, collaborate, think critically, and problem solve. The question is, "Are they getting the chance to hone those skills in public school?" You can get the full video by going to the link to the right.

You can also go to another page that breaks up the longer video into five smaller segments, with each shorter video focusing on a specific question that is part of the larger video. That link is here: EPISODE VIDEOS

There is another link to ARTICLES that contain a list of very relevant topics that deal with concerns and challenges that are being faced by students, parents and teachers.


A man by the name of Zig Ziglar offers some suggestions on how to set goals. The video has been divided up into three parts. You can get to each of the videos by clicking on the links to the right.


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