Monique & Ron Therrien


As you come around the back corner of Monique and Ron Therrienís home in Hanmer, you immediately get the feeling of being transported to a Secret Garden....totally unaware of neighbours or noise that may surround you. This compact, three year old, maintenance free yard packs a big punch. It holds everything that one could possibly want in a backyard...beautiful deck with a large patio set for dining, a lovely covered swing, and all situated beside their wonderful waterfall and pond which is home to 3 goldfish and 2 koi. The quaint gazebo offers many hours of carefree relaxation away from those pesky mosquitoes that are known to harass us northerners from time to time. They even have a chimnea where they can roast marshmallows in the evening. Being the first to admit they knew nothing about plants, the Therriens visited a local nursery where a planting design was sketched out for them.

Monique says she could sit on the swing and read all day just listening to the sounds of the water, totally forgetting the time. In fact, a swing and pond were the two items that Monique wanted in a backyard when they went to a Landscape Architect who drew up their plans. With plans in hand, they did all the work themselves, although Monique does admit to playing the part of Supervisor more than actually doing the work.

The beautiful carved sun you see in the above picture, was carved by Ron himself. Heís dabbled in carving for over 20 years, but for the last 6 years itís become a serious hobby, even taking him to a Master Carver in Quebec one week a year to bone up on his craft. The wood of Ronís choice is Red Cedar from British Columbia. His heated workshop is also the winter home for their pond fish, which live quite happily in a 60 gallon aquarium.

This yard is a real gem in the heart of Valley East!


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