Colette Theriault


As a young child, Colette Theriaultís interest in gardening started taking shape as she helped her grandparents with their spacious vegetable garden. Having them live right across the street made easy access to a passion that she continues today. Colette was hooked, and now also enjoys her own small vegetable plot. She and her husband bought their home in 1996 and she could hardly wait until the following spring to start adding her own touches to the outside.

First thing on the agenda was to take down approximately 15 mature, diseased trees that made the Theriaultís back yard, home. A variety of poplar, maple, cedar, spruce and pine bit the dust, leaving a blank slate for their wonderful above ground pool and hot tub. Of course, this didnít leave a lot of space for flower beds, but Colette has used her imagination and creativity and the flower bed results are delightful. She even found room to tuck a small, goldfish filled pond into the landscape.

Being a Biologist, Colette is inclined to lean towards some rather fascinating hobbies. She has quite a selection of exquisite orchids that she lovingly cultivates and the flowers are magnificent. Colette states that over the years prices for orchids have come down in price, making it easier for the average person to get into such a hobby. Along with breeding Teddy Bear Hamsters and Blue Rats for local pet stores, her home also has large tanks of tropical fish and one very unique tank that is home to two male Australian Whiteís Tree Frogs. Having the love of nature that Colette does, she also finds time for her gorgeous wildlife water colors and pencil drawings. 

As if all this wasnít enough, Colette and her husband also make all their own furniture...including their kitchen cupboards, and have begun selling their plans for anyone interested in doing the same. If you wish to contact Colette about her garden or hobbies, please feel free to contact her at


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