Rachel & Victor Ranger


A wonderful woodland setting is the backdrop for the beautiful garden of Rachel and Victor Ranger. Being a water color and pastel artist, Rachel has a special eye for design and color, and it shows in the naturally set pond, waterfall and gardens.

Like most gardeners, Rachel and Victor started out with a small pond approximately four years ago. It didnít take long to realize that a much larger pond was on the horizon for them. They removed the form for the smaller pond and started digging for the new one. At a depth of four feet, their attractive pond is home to 3 large Koi and 27 goldfish. All the fish are able to overwinter in the pond with the use of a bubbler that prevents ice from forming over the whole surface.

Rachelís creativity comes into play again with the winding pathways through her main flower bed, which were made from old bricks that she found. Victorís handywork can be seen as you take in the pond and appealing cedar post fence that surrounds it. The large cedar trees on their property needed trimming, and not wanting to put anything to waste, Victor used the cut limbs to make the rustic fence which adds personality to the surrounding pond area.

Rachel said she starts her annuals from seed during our cold winter months, and has had great success with geraniums, cosmos and vegetables. Wanting to keep meals tasty, they also have a little herb garden planted on their back deck just outside the kitchen door.

In l980 Rachel started painting and got involved with the Valley East Art Club. Basically self-taught, she now gives lessons and has a number of shows throughout the year. She also takes commission work and works with oil during summer months only, as sheís developed a severe allergy to the oil paints.

A very lovely garden that whisks you miles away from your cares!


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