Linda Marlok



Upon arriving at the home of Linda Marlok a gorgeous twig archway leading to the front yard, is the first thing that captures your eye. Linda said she designed the arch, one of which is also in the backyard, and had someone in Hanmer actually make it for her. There’s a wonderful home made pathway leading from the arch to the front door. It took Linda two years to make all the patio stones for the pathway. Such creativity is to be envied. She made it sound very easy, using ready mix cement and rhubarb leaves to add a pattern to the stones.

Linda states that she has always loved gardening and started her country garden 28 years ago when first moving into her home. Everywhere you look your eyes are treated to a unique view. From the newly planted front corner bed to the marvellous Fairy Garden in the back that Linda just started this year, you’ll come away with many new ideas for your own yard. She said she just loves anything mystical and has quite a good collection of Fairies that have taken up residence in the garden.

Along with gardening, Linda also loves dogs and antiques, stating that these three things are her passion. Not to be outdone by the maker of her arches, Linda creates her own willow trellises and baskets that you can find throughout her flower bed. Her little Sheltie, Toby, is a year and a half old and a real sweetheart.

In the backyard you’ll also find a diminutive play house that her husband made many years ago. While growing up, her children enjoyed it and now her grandchildren get great pleasure from it on their visits. It also has a dual purpose as it serves as garden storage during the long winter.

Having wanted a vegetable garden, but no time to make one this year, she has planted potatoes, green and yellow beans and garlic in amongst her flowers to fill in spaces. What a great idea!

Like all gardeners, Linda states that her dream is to have only flower beds and no lawn to take care of. You’re well on your way Linda. Good work.


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