Reg & Don Gauthier


Walking through the large wooden gate into Reg and Don Gautheir’s backyard, you immediately forget that you have neighbours on both sides. They’ve developed a backyard retreat that anyone would be happy to own, or even sit and visit in for a while.

Reg says watching and listening to her neighbour’s pool approximately five years ago, made her long for a "pool" of her own...only hers would have plants and fish. She said she loves the sound of water and it transports her to a peaceful place. Unfortunately, Don didn’t share his wife’s ambitious plans for a backyard pond...especially since their whole backyard was surrounded by a large wooden fence, and the only way in or out was through the gate. Don only saw the work that it would entail, while Reg envisioned the end result. After spending many long hours at the local Library, Reg felt knowledgeable enough to embark on her pond. Both are now extremely happy with all their hard work. One energetic goldfish calls the 2 foot deep pond, home, as it swims amongst the lovely water plants.

Don is a great woodworker and does all the garden projects himself. Reg said she’s about 5 years behind him, and has lots of yard art to paint in order to catch up with him. Before anyone gets ideas, no, Don doesn’t take orders. He said it would seem too much like work then.

The well planted flower beds are full of hidden treasures and it is evident that they are lovingly tended too. Just put up your feet, close your eyes and listen to the sound of moving water. What better way to relax on a long summer day.


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