In order to increase exposure and also to make it more convenient for local residents to get in touch with us, Valley East Today will be operating out of a new location in the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre. 

The office will be open weekdays generally from about 9:30 to 5:00 p.m., but it is always a good idea to call ahead at 524-7006 just in case we are out and about.  

Robert Kirwan, President & Chief Executive Officer of Infocom Canada Business Consultants Inc., decided to open up a "store-front office" for Valley East Today in order to enhance the services his company provides to area businesses, community groups and residents alike. 

The office at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre will provide residents access to the following services:

bulletValley East Today Community Web Site;
bulletValley East Today Weekly Online News Magazine;
bulletInternet marketing management through Robert Kirwan, Marketing & Public Relations Specialist;
bulletInternet Services provided by Edgar Lajambe of Internet Solutions;
bulletComputer repair consultation through Valley Computers and Consulting Services;
bulletPlus several other Corporate Services to accommodate the needs of local businesses.

It will also serve as the Official Campaign Office for Robert Kirwan who is running for the position of Councillor of Ward 6 - Hanmer & Val Therese in the November 13, 2006 municipal election.

In addition, Robert Kirwan will continue to serve in his capacity as Marketing and Public Relations Director for the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre out of the new office facility.

Valley East Today relies upon effective internet communication to provide most of its marketing and promotion services to the community. Therefore, in order to help ensure that the local residents have all of the support they need to take full advantage of the power of the internet, we are pleased to promote and provide easy access to the services of Edgar Lajambe, owner of Valley Computers & Consulting and  also of Internet Solutions. Edgar will be providing house-call service to local residents and businesses who are having difficulty with their computer systems. He also offers digital phone services and long-distance phone plans for people who are looking to save money on their phone service.

Everyone associated with Valley East Today is extremely excited about the decision to take the company from "Virtual Space" to the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre. 

The increased exposure will definitely encourage members of community groups, organizations, schools, churches, sports and recreational clubs to use Valley East Today to give recognition to the accomplishments and achievements of their fellow members. 

It will also provide local businesses with a low-cost method of communicating with their immediate market.

Valley East is definitely - "A PLACE TO GROW". 

Valley East Today is ready to make sure that the seeds 
are cultivated once they are planted.

Together, we will KEEP THE SPIRIT ALIVE!


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