Robert Kirwan Is Convinced The Only Way To Make Things Better Is To Become Part Of The Circle of Influence

   Ever since I announced that I would be seeking the position of Councillor of the new Ward 6 – Hanmer & Val Therese in the November Municipal Election, I have been overwhelmed by the expressions of support I have been receiving from my friends, neighbours, acquaintances and from people I have never met before in my life.

   The other day I stopped to look at the community quilt we have hanging up in the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre. As I looked at the landmarks depicted on the quilt I thought about the 32 wonderful years I’ve lived in Val Therese. I thought about the thousands upon thousands of people I’ve met through hockey, soccer, baseball, swimming, badminton, golf, boy scouts, and so many other organizations that I was drawn into by my children.
   I thought about the 23 years of teaching at St. Anne School in Hanmer, and the many wonderful parents I met who are still living in this area, now as fellow grandparents. And week after week I meet former students who are now introducing me to their own children and talking to me about the good old days when they were in my class.

   I thought about how writing for The Vision, publishing my own web site at, and through my role as marketing manager of the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre, I am once again coming into contact with the next generation of parents who are getting involved in the hockey, soccer, baseball, swimming, badminton, golf, boy scouts and other activities into which their children are drawing them.

   I thought about how every week I have the opportunity to meet and help so many wonderful volunteers from the local church groups and community service organizations. Many of these volunteers have been providing for the needs of others in the community for as long as I have been living here.

   I thought about how grateful I am to actually feel as if I am making a difference in the community in which I live, and for that, I thank all of the people who are living in Valley East today for allowing me to experience this feeling.

   There are many reasons for my decision to run for Council at this stage of my life. You can read about all of those reasons on my campaign web site at But the main reason is that one day recently I sat back and examined my current situation. I realized that there is no one else in this community who is in a better position to influence our future.

   In other words, not only is the prospect of representing Hanmer & Valley East residents as Councillor for Ward 6 very exciting and invigorating to me, it almost appears as if I am being “called to come forward” at this time. As corny as it may sound, I actually feel as if this is what I was meant to do with my life. This is my purpose for being here. This is my own BIG GOAL IN LIFE. It’s as if everything I have experienced in life up to now, as well as everything I am doing today, has been preparing me to live out the final chapter of my life in this kind of leadership role for my community.

     I am connected to every aspect of Hanmer and Val Therese, as well as to the rest of Valley East and Capreol through The Vision Paper, my own internet publications, and the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre. I have a central office at the mall and I talk to hundreds of local residents every week. There is no one else who has as comprehensive a network in the community as I do at this time.
     The only thing left to do - in fact, I am convinced it is the only right thing to do – is to let my name stand for election to the position of  Councillor for Ward 6 – Hanmer & Val Therese so that I can become part of the Circle of Influence and have a chance to have a direct impact on the decisions that are being made by City Council.

   Therefore, I will consider it an honour and a privilege if the residents of Ward 6 - Hanmer & Val Therese choose me as their Councillor in November.





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