The Water Gate Christian Resource Centre Depends On Fund Raising For Survival

Tony Sonier, Fund-Raising Director for La Porte des Eaux/The Water Gate, spends a lot of his time in places like the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre selling tickets and raising public awareness of the organization. With him on this day was Irene Hache, Treasurer of the Fund-Raising Committee.

The tickets they were selling in this case was for a draw to be held on September 17, 2006. First Prize is $1500; 2nd Prize is $500; and 3rd Prize is $200. 

La Porte des Eaux/The Water Gate is located at 1534 Pioneer Road in Sudbury, just down the road from the Brockdan Hotel in a former school. It is a Christian Resource Centre which contains a conference room, a chapel, a library, a kitchen, a dining room, and a children's activity room.

The library contains French and English Catholic books, magazines, newspapers, audio and video cassettes. 

Tony Sonier explained, "We are pleased to be able to offer the full teaching of Pere Jean-Paul Regimbal on video and audio cassettes. We also have a number of series of teachings by Father John Corapi, among a number of other powerful speakers. In order to answer the call of Pope John Paul II to foster unity with our Christian brothers and sisters, we also have a number of books, audio and video cassettes and magazines from other Christian faiths. All books, magazines, papers and cassettes are lent without any registration fees. We have a television and VCR for those who wish to watch some of the teaching videos in the library. We also give religious pictures, medals, New Testaments and Bibles, all free of charge. By making all of these teachings available to our brothers and sisters, we ware actively spreading the Good News of salvation."

He went on, "We provide food, clothing and furnishings to needy families who express a need for these items."

Every year the organization features a series of conferences presenting dynamic speakers from Canada and abroad. They also host Testimony Breakfasts and Suppers featuring speakers who testify to God's working within their lives.

The Centre is fully maintained by volunteer members and is supported by means of fundraising and donations. 

Once a month (the 3rd Monday) the Centre hosts a supper to raise funds.

The Chaplain is Father Denis Pion.

For more information on La Porte des Eaux/The Water Gate, call (705) 523-1437.


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