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Fitness Room


 From the very first day it opened, the Fitness Room at the Recreation Centre has been a big hit with local residents. There are two complete sets of Universal Gyms, 8 exercise bikes, a punching bag and free weights of up to 40 pounds. 

There are even a couple of televisions in the room to help keep you entertained during your fitness routine.

Improvements To Howard Armstrong Weight Room Facilities In Line With Healthy Lifestyle Goals

   Both Gerry Lynch, Acquatic & Recreation Centre Coordinator for the Howard Armstrong Recreation Centre, and Dan Yachuk, former Recreation Coordinator For Valley East, are very pleased with the upgrading that has been done to the weight and training room facilities at the center. Lynch is shown in the weight room.

   “This is great for the community, and it is something that we’ve wanted to do for a long time,” explained Yachuk, who is shown in his office at the recreation centre. “By using the existing space and just doing a bit of interior design work, we were able to create a lot more room for our members. The new equipment will allow people to get an even greater workout than before.”

   Gerry Lynch feels that the new equipment and new look to the room will be well received by both current and future members, “The weights will appeal to people of all ages, but now a lot of the younger people in the community may be attracted to our facility as a result of the additions.”

   The new equipment includes a Paramount 6 piece circuit system; new and heavier weights; Olympic bench press; seated arm curl bench; a 7 foot Olympic bar with collars; an Olympic EZ curl bar with collars; two treadmills; an upright stationary bike; two television sets; and rubber flooring.

   “One of the benefits of bringing in some of the new equipment is that we were able to move a couple of the older pieces up to the track area, “commented Yachuk. “The equipment may have been older but it is still useful and is appreciated by people using the track.”




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