Sudbury Therapeutic Riding Program Seeking Volunteer Instructors

The Sudbury Therapeutic Riding Program or STRP (pronounced Stirrup) is a non-profit registered Charity that offers a unique experience to children, age 4 and older, as well as adults with physical, learning and mental disabilities.

In the photo above, Monique Ireland is leading the grey horse on the right which is carrying young Naomi Field. Liette on the left and Perola are assisting. Ferra Fitzsimmons is riding the chestnut horse on the left, while Annik Bourdeas leads. Others assiting Joanne Marchand on the left and Duncan Storey on the right.

The program services individual 4 years and older with various needs. Riders are grouped for lessons based on their abilities and interests. During lessons, individuals will aspire to learn riding skills and care of the horse and equipment, while incorporating exercise, games and fun.

Adults and students 16 years of age and up can become STRP volunteers and instructors. Students can also use the time spent volunteering towards their community service hours.

Classes are held weekday evenings and on weekends at 1899 Gravel Drive in Hanmer. If you know of an individual who would benefit from therapeutic riding, or if you may be interested in becoming a volunteer, call (705) 560-7877.


Jason Evans is riding on Star


Charles Shelswell is shown cleaning a pony's hooves.


Danielle Soucy and Monia Hachez are shown here bathing Pepper, the pony.

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