Capreol Legion Requests Vacant Property To Expand Facilities
An article carried in the Sudbury Star on March 20, 2006, entitled "Capreol Legion Wants City To Switch", reported that the Capreol Legion has experienced increasing membership for a number of years now. With a membership total of approximately 200, the group feels it may have outgrown its club facilities.

The tearing down of the Riviera Hotel right next door seems to have been the opportunity the group was waiting for since the property is owned by the City of Greater Sudbury.

According the article in The Sudbury Star, the Capreol Legion would like to make a trade with the City of Greater Sudbury to purchase the Riviera lot, which is valued at less than $20,000. The Legion has land along the highway valued at close to $100,000 and is willing to trade some of that land.

The City has not yet expressed interest in making the deal, although it was reported that the Legion approached the City with the offer some time in 2004. 

The added space would allow the Legion to improve its facilities and make it even more effective in serving the entire community - not just its members. 

The Capreol Legion is circulating a petition urging the City to enter into a land trade deal. The text of the petition can be seen below. 

The petition, which is printed below, can be signed at the Capreol Legion, the post office and the M&R Grill. It can also be signed online at

People who sign the petition online may also express their opinions on the matter.



To:  Council of the City of Greater Sudbury


The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 179, Capreol petitions Council of the City of Greater Sudbury to trade land on the highway owned by the Branch for the lot formerly occupied by the Riviera Hotel.

bulletWhereas The Capreol Legion has advised the City in 2004 of its interest in acquiring the lot adjacent to the Branch, formerly occupied by the Riviera Hotel.
bulletWhereas the Branch, in existence since 1930, has actively supported the community, regional and national charities, in addition to its mandate to serve the veterans.
bulletWhereas the Branch and the Ladies Auxiliary have active memberships and their dedication and volunteerism has made the Branch an active part of the community and great deal more could be realized if the facilities could be expanded.
bulletWhereas the very popular fish fry, for example, is constrained only by the limited space to cook and serve, the Branch is unable to serve more guests. The fish fry is an important revenue source for the Branch.
bulletWhereas the Branch provides meeting venues for many community groups.
bulletWhereas kitchen expansion, a patio, BBQ facilities, a place to hold yard sales and other outdoor events, will enhance the ability of the Branch to serve the community even better and raise funds.
bulletWhereas parking on the lot from the rear, for members and guests will free parking spaces on Young Street.
bulletWhereas when the call centre came to Capreol, the Branch was asked by the former Town of Capreol to provide the old YMCA lot for call centre parking in exchange for land on the highway.
bulletWhereas the Branch lacks the resources to now also purchase the Riviera lot it is offering these two commercially zoned lots in exchange.
bulletWhereas the Capreol Legion has served Capreol well over 75 years, it is now asking Council and the community for its support.
We, the undersigned, urge the City of Greater Sudbury to facilitate the acquisition of the Riviera lot by the Capreol Legion Branch
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