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Chevaliers du Columb / Knights of Columbus Council #5005, is Northern Ontario's largest branch of the Knights of Columbus with over 460 members and a fully active Ladies' Auxiliary. It is also one of the few fully bilingual branches in the province.

Close To 100 Christmas Hampers Delivered by Knights of Columbus Council #5005
Fern Gascon, who has just completed his 3rd year as coordinator of the Christmas Food Hamper Program for the Knights of Columbus Council #5005, is shown here with the 96 food baskets ready for delivery to needy families in Hanmer and Val Therese. The Knights work with the Good Neighbours Food Bank on the annual project. Applications and referrals are made through the Food Bank and the Knights supply most of the volunteers who put everything together.
Five members of the volunteer team are shown above. From the left: Evelyn Lefebvre, Florence Lefebvre, Helene Denis, Marcelle Menard and Roseline Harrison. Fern is shown in the background.

The volunteers worked until midnight and were up again at 8 a.m. to make sure everything was ready for the men to deliver or for people to pick up the food hampers at the hall that day.

The food is donated from a variety of sources. For example, much of the food comes from the local schools, especially Ecole Secondaire Hanmer, Confederation Secondary School, St. Anne School and Ecole Notre Dame. The Club Optimist donates food vouchers and 50 bags of potatoes are donated from Valley Growers.

Each food hamper contains over $150 worth of food, milk, bread, etc. as well as a gift for each member of the family. The idea is to provide the family with a good Christmas dinner and still have some left over for a few days. 

Fern commented that while it is a lot of hard work for the volunteers, they all feel that their effort is well worth it in order to help make Christmas just a bit happier for the more than 300 people who depend on the food hampers each year.

Knights of Columbus #5005 Blood Donor Clinic Collects 94 Units of Blood In October
Robert Plourde, left, and Roger Menard, are Co-Chairs of the Blood Donor Clinic for the Knights of Columbus Council #5005. If you look behind them in the photo, you will see part of the results of the tremendous organization that goes into the mobile clinic that is held at the hall on Emily Street in Hanmer, approximately once a month. Robert and Roger head up a team of about twelve K of C members who are responsible for assisting the Canadian Blood Services staff when it is their turn to supervise, which occurs approximately three or four times a year.

The K of C Council #5005 very generously donate the use of the hall for these clinics. Other Knights of Columbus Councils that rotate in supervising the clinics are: #7368; #10602; and #9922.

Above is Lynn Godin, a mother of three from Hanmer who was donating blood for the first time ever. Cindy Bobbi, a Phlebotomist with the Canadian Blood Services holds the collected blood from Lynn for the photo. For Lynn, "I just wanted to do it. As a mother I know that some day my own children may need blood transfusions so I want to do my part."
As you can see from the photos above and below, the Mobile Clinic is a massive operation that requires the coordinated efforts of a team of approximately 35 to 40 people to run efficiently. Robert Plourde indicated that it is quite a show to watch the staff set up the fourteen beds, equipment and administrative stations to prepare for the three hour event.
While there are quite a few walk-in donors, the Canadian Blood Services prefers that advance appointments be made so that things can run smoothly. In fact, many of the 94 donors who turned out on October 18, 2006, booked their next appointment three months in advance. A phone call reminder is all that will be needed to bring them back.
After the registration, screening, testing and then extraction of blood, Jeannie Chamberlain, Clinic Assistant, handles the packages for the final time, preparing the blood for transport to the main lab in Ottawa for final processing. The whole session from registration to exit takes approximately one hour.

Or you can contact the local offices at (705) 688-7341.

The main clinic for Sudbury is at:
235 Cedar Street
Sudbury, Ontario
P3B 1M8
Admin.: (705) 674-2636

If you would like any further information about the Canadian Blood Services you can visit their web site at:

The Ladies Auxiliary of Chevaliers du Columb / Knights of Columbus Council #5005 Selling Tickets On A Major Raffle In March

Lizette Gascon, President of the Ladies Auxiliary (Council 5005) of the Knights of Columbus Council 5005 receives a helping hand from her husband as she took her shift selling tickets on the major raffle which will be drawn on March 25, 2007 at 4 p.m. at the main hall on Emily Street. First Prize is $500; Second Prize is $200, and; Third Prize is $100. Tickets are being sold for $1 each or 6 for $5. The proceeds will be used for charitable purposes by the Council 5005. Shown below during their turn at the table are Alice Savoie, on the left, and Diane Desjardins.




Georges Harrison, the current Grand Knight, is shown on the left, along with Henri Lebouthillier, one of the active members of the association. They were taking a few minutes from helping out in the preparation of the 4th Annual Lobster Fest Dinner which is always one of the most popular fund-raisers of the year. Here they are shown at the main entrance, which is wheelchair accessible.

The doors where Georges and Henri are standing open up to a beautiful entrance, complete with a large vestibule for hanging up coats.

The main hall, as shown below from the stage, contains both a lower and an upper level. It is perfect for hosting large events such as weddings, or the Annual Lobster Dinner, as shown set up in the photo.

The stage area is at the far end of the hall. As you can see from below, it is large enough to handle small bands and/or disc jockeys.

The upper seating area is large enough to accommodate a significant number of people for a sit down meal.

The bar for the main hall is located on the upper level.

Annual Lobster Supper 2006 Is One Of The Highlights Of The Year For the Chevaliers De Colomb / Knights of Columbus Council #5005

Each spring the Chevaliers de Colomb / Knights of Columbus Council #5005 hosts one of the most spectacular events of the year - The Annual Lobster Supper.

Over 300 people gather to enjoy a marvelous evening of dining and entertainment while raising much needed funds for the operation of the organization.

Shown above are some of the hard-working volunteers who make the whole event such a success. From the left we have Georges Harrison, Grand Knight; his wife, Roseline Harrison; Henri and Colette Lebouthillier; Raymonde Mallet; Gilles Landry; and Therese Forget.

While the lobsters were boiling at another location all afternoon, the kitchen crew was busy preparing the vegetable trays for the tables.

Chevaliers De Colomb / Knights of Columbus Council #5005 Annual Lobster Supper For 2007 Is Another Big Hit 
Henri Lebouthillier, coordinator of the Chevaliers de Colomb / Knights of Columbus Council #5005 Annual Lobster Supper, is shown going over some of the last-minute preparations at the door with Diane Desjardins on the left and Anna Rivest. 

With over 300 guests expected to begin arriving at 5:00 p.m. for cocktails prior to the annual feast, the two ladies were expecting to be quite busy.

Each spring the Chevaliers de Colomb / Knights of Columbus Council #5005 hosts what is arguably one of the most spectacular events of the year - The Annual Lobster Supper. Over 300 people gather to enjoy a marvelous evening of dining and entertainment while raising much needed funds for the operation of the organization.

To the right you can see Grand Knight Rolland Mallette examining some of the lobsters which were flown in from the Maritimes just for the event.

Shown above are some of the hard-working volunteers who make the whole event such a success. From the left we have Gilles Leblanc, Raymonde Mallette, Gilles Landry, Rolland Mallette, Henri Lebouthillier, Collette Lebouthillier, and Therese Forget.   

Below, we see the gang hard at work in the kitchen preparing the feast.

Helping make the evening a spectacular success were several students from local secondary schools who were on hand to earn some of their community service hours. From the left we have, Carlie Hawes (Bishop Alexander Carter), Carey O'Brian (Hanmer High), Mike Bellerose (BAC), Megan Purvis (BAC), Kassandra Dunn (Confederation), Amber Appleby (BAC), and student supervisor, Emile Rousselle.


The Member's Room Is Always A Gathering Place For The Knights

You will always find some friends in the Member's Club Room downstairs at the Knights of Columbus Hall. The room is open from 12 noon each day and is fully licensed.

The members are also welcome to bring along a guest to enjoy the facilities. They can watch television or play some pool.

The bar is fully equipped and snacks are on hand. Every Thursday evening the public is welcome to drop in to take part in an informal pool tournament for only $8 for the evening.

A member's information bulletin board is well used to promote the various activities and events that are scheduled at the hall.




Members are also welcome to walk down the stairs to the downstairs hall where they can play shuffleboard, enjoy a friendly game of cards, or just sit and talk to their friends.

The hall is used for small functions from time to time. It is also used every Friday night from 7 p.m. on for a Cribbage Tournament which is open to the public. You can drop in and take part in an evening of cribbage for only $6 per person.

The walls of the downstairs hall, like those of the upstairs hall, are filled with plaques and commemorative items that reflect the proud tradition of the Chevaliers de Colomb / Knights of Columbus #5005.



The kitchen facilities of the hall are second to none. As you can see, there is ample room and plenty of excellent appliances to take care of large crowds.

Colette Lebouthillier and Gilles Landry are shown above preparing for the Annual Lobster Supper.



Georges Harrison, Grand Knight of the Chevaliers de Colomb / Knights of Columbus Council #5005, is shown arranging the medallions that are worn by the various members during official meetings. There is one for each distinct role played on the Council.

One of the most interesting traditions that is maintained at the hall is the wall honouring members who have achieved 50 years or more of marriage. Some have also celebrated their 60th anniversary.

Another wall contains the photos of all of the Grand Knights. Yet another wall shows photos of all of the Presidents of the Ladies' Auxilliary. 

The Knights are very deep in tradition and are proud of their heritage.


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