3rd Annual Greater Sudbury Modelers Remote Control Airplane Display Is A Huge Success

Gaston Boissonneault, President of the Greater Sudbury Modelers, was very pleased with the results of the 3rd Annual Spring Show held at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre on April 8 & 9.

Gaston brought two of his favourite models for the display. Above and to the right, you can see his $5000 Reaction 54 Turbine Powered Aircraft. This plane has a 78 inch wingspan with retractable gear. It is made out of balsa wood and light plywood. The 12 pound thrust engine gets up to 160,000 rpm and can push the plane to speeds of up to 140 miles per hour. The engine alone is worth $3000.

Hundreds of people took the time to look over the airplanes on display and ask questions about the organization.

Below, Gaston is shown with his Electric Helicopter which he uses mostly for indoor flying in gymnasiums. The Copter is powered by lithium polymer batteries which are light-weight and dependable. The helicopter can fly for 10 to 15 minutes at a time. Gaston advises that before anyone can fly a helicopter such as the one he owns, you must practice for some time with a simulator in order to gain the required skills needed to maneuver the machine.


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Yves Therrien is shown with the Water Bomber CL215 that he helped Noel Venne construct. This model is over 20 years old and still flies "beautifully". It is made of wood, fiberglass and aluminum. There are two 0.25 cc motors which are used to power the aircraft. The model has a range of 2 miles, but according to Yves, you never fly it out more than a mile because you lose site of it at that distance. There are two similar water bombers flying out of the Sudbury Airport at this time. The only difference between the two, besides the size, is that Yves' model does not pick up water.






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