Growing Popularity of Scrap-Booking Indicates Increased Interest in Maintaining Memories

Sue Mydonyk, owner of The Dollar Klub in the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre has noticed a remarkable growth in the popularity of scrap-booking as a hobby during the last several years. “People of all ages, but in particular the baby-boomers, are really taking to keeping scrap books for just about every occasion. I think it shows that there is more and more interest in keeping and passing on memories to future generations.”

Indeed, when one looks at the wide variety of acid-free embellishments from which to select at The Dollar Klub, it is easy to see why people would find the creation of a scrap book full of photos and other memorabilia so interesting.

“The most attractive feature of scrap-booking is that there are no rules,” Sue explained. “Whatever you want goes so you can let your creative imagination run wild.”

There also appears to be no set season for scrap-booking. For example, Sue’s stock always includes stickers and designs appropriate for Christmas, because, “People work on a scrap book for a Christmas Gift all year long. It takes a huge amount of time to create a good scrap book. After all, this is something that will be kept forever, and will be used to keep memories alive. People really put their love into these creations.”

The long-lasting nature of the hobby is why everything used in scrap books is acid-free. Acid-free products last much longer than acid based products.

Parents and grandparents love making scrap books for their children and grand children. As one grandparent stated, “You can buy anything you want from the store. But when you take photos and other little items that mean a lot to you and then put them into a scrap book, you are giving a piece of yourself. A scrap book is a one-of-a-kind creation. There will never be another one just like the one you give your child. It is something that will be kept forever and will be passed on from generation to generation.”

Another parent explained, “I have hundreds of photos that will never be looked at. If I take a couple of years to arrange them into a scrap book that tells a story about the life of my child, it is something that he will keep and show to his children. It is also something that he will keep around in a bookshelf if the cover is attractive.”

As for Sue Mydonyk, she intends to continue to expand her scrap-booking department in order to keep up with the tremendous demand of the local community.


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