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"Thereís A Lot More Left In The Tube"

I read an article the other day which was written by a man named Jeff Keller. After I finished the article, I realized that the title, "Thereís A Lot More Left In The Tube", is one of those motivational quotations that you would like to hang up in every room to remind you that you should never give up too soon.

We have all experienced frustration and despair at various times in our lives when we felt we had done everything we possibly could to achieve a particular goal. It may be something as simple as trying to grow flowers in your garden, or as serious as how to cultivate a better relationship with your child or spouse, or something to do with your job. Whatever the case, there comes a point when you simply feel you canít go on any further.


And yet, the secret to a success, and the motivation you are seeking, may very well be as close as your tube of toothpaste.

Every time I come to the end of a tube of toothpaste, I am completely amazed that just when I think the tube is absolutely empty, I can squeeze many more brushings out of it. Iím sure you have all gone through the same thing. I look at the seemingly empty tube in my hand, then I look at the new tube in the box, and I have to decide whether to throw away the old and open the new, or try to squeeze a few more out of the old. Without fail, just when I think the tube is absolutely empty, I get to squeeze another 12 or 15 more brushings out of it. So, next time you find yourself in a situation where you feel you just canít go on any further, remember the "tube". Itís usually when things havenít been working out and you feel like quitting, that you experience a major breakthrough. We can all recall times when success came when we were on our last chance or when we were doing something for the final time. It is when you dig deep down for that one last burst of energy that you find your goal.

Unfortunately, too many people quit too early - just before they could get around that final corner to success. All they needed to do is squeeze one more drop from the tube.
Space does not permit me to write the hundreds of examples of successful people who kept on going in the face of adversity and disappointment. Even the writers of "Chicken Soup For The Soul" were rejected by 33 publishers before they found one who would print their book. What if they would have quit too soon? Many of the worldís leaders are examples of people who reached their goal just after their greatest setback.

If you have a goal; if you truly believe in yourself; and if you have the passion, enthusiasm and commitment to go for your dream; then keep squeezing that "inner tube of toothpaste" one more time. It is only when you run out of the "passion" that you will know that your "tube is empty". Just make sure that you donít quit too soon. Success may be just around the corner.

Have a good day!


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