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Count Your Blessings One Marble At A Time

A long time ago there was a young man who was going through a very difficult period in his life. He worked extremely hard and just couldnít find any time to spend with his wife and children. He went to confide in his father, who was the wisest man he knew. His father, walked him over to an empty jar in his fatherís kitchen. He told his son that when he was his sonís age he was going through the very same thing. At that time he calculated the number of Saturdays he felt he had left in his life and then put that number of marbles into the glass jar. Every Saturday from that time on, his father got up early in the morning, took a marble out of the jar, and spent the day having fun with his family. As the years went by and the level of the marbles went down, he realized just how precious those remaining Saturdays would be. The father then held up the jar with pride and told his son that on the previous Saturday, he took out the final marble. He figured that now heís living on extra time and plans on making the most out of each and every day. The father then handed the jar to his son and told him to go and get some marbles. As you go about your business this month, take a moment from time to time to remember how precious each day really is. It will help to keep your priorities straight.

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