Appearing In The Vision Paper - July 23, 2003

"When Looking For The Land of Dreams and Opportunity One Often Finds That The Treasure Was Always Right Within Your Grasp All The Time. You Just Have To Open Your Eyes And See!"

Robert Kirwan 
Publisher, Valley East Today

Once upon a time there was a young boy who lived in a tiny house on the side of a small mountain. His family was of modest means, as were most of the other villagers in the valley below, yet, they all had enough food to eat and a roof over their heads, enjoying a satisfying, simple life. The young boy would get up early every morning, just before sunrise, and gaze out far across the valley where, in the distance, he would see the sun shining on a golden castle sitting majestically on the top of the mountain on the other side of the valley. "Some day," he thought longingly, "Iím going to leave this house and this village and live over there where everything is golden and filled with riches."

One morning the young boy couldnít stand it any more. He packed himself a lunch and headed off on foot in the direction of the golden castle. He walked and walked all day long, only stopping briefly to eat. Finally he found himself at the bottom of the mountain and began to climb excitedly towards the golden castle he saw every morning. It was almost sunset when he reached a little house, very much like his own, near the top of the hill. He was sure this was where the castle should have been. He was puzzled and walked up to a little girl who was sitting on the porch.

"Excuse me, but I am looking for the golden castle. Could you tell me where it is? I was sure it was on this mountain. I look at it every morning," asked the tired little boy.

The little girl replied, "Oh, youíre on the wrong mountain. The golden castle is way over there on that mountain on the other side of the valley.

The little boy looked to where the girl was pointing. He couldnít believe his eyes. The girl was looking at the mountain where he lived. But his tiny, modest little home was no longer there. In its place was a shiny golden castle, just like the one he had seen every morning.

Valley East Is The Land Of Opportunity!

The little boy in the story above was so busy admiring the shiny golden castle on the mountain across the valley that he couldnít see the richness and beauty of his own little world.

Most of us can identify with the little boy in the story. We have all spent many moments looking elsewhere for something better. The truth of the matter is that Valley East is filled with treasures and untapped potential, just waiting to be uncovered. All we have to do is step back and take a good look with our eyes wide open.


Spend a bit of time searching through the new web site which has been created to commemorate Valley Eastís Centennial Celebration. 

Visit the Online Pond and Garden Tour where you will discover the beautiful sites which have been shared by a local residents. Each of these people have worked extremely hard to create ponds and gardens which are truly reflective of the image we want to portray in Valley East. As more and more people step forward to take part in this Online Tour, the web site will become a place where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the everyday world to take a virtual walk and enjoy some wonderful garden scenery. If you are willing to share your special place with our readers, give Valerie a call at 969-7215.

After you look at the Pond and Garden Tour, take a trip into the recreation centre and the library. If you havenít been there for a while, you will be simply amazed at what you see. No one can say that Valley East is a second class town with facilities such as these.

We will be assembling corporate profiles of dozens of businesses which have goods and services to offer Valley East consumers. We have so much to choose from in this community, and yet thousands of residents are unaware of these "treasures", choosing instead to shop in the "city" or in Southern Ontario. Soon you will have an opportunity to discover these local businesses by looking at photos and taking a virtual tour inside their facility.

A Living History Of Valley East

We have developed a web site which truly captures the essence and character of this great community. Each story will be another chapter in our history and will remain on the site for the benefit of future readers. When it comes time for people to consider moving to the City of Greater Sudbury, Valley East will be first and foremost on their minds. Valley East will be held out as a community where things happen and people make the difference. Whatís more, by visiting the web site at, a person can actually see photos and stories about "real" people. When we want to demonstrate all that we have to offer in Valley East, we wonít just tell you - weíll show you what people of this community find important in life and show you how they contribute to the quality of life of their neighbours and friends.

Whether you own a business; participate in a service group; belong to a sports organization, a church or a school; have a garden you wish to share ; or if you just want to express your opinions on Valley East, take action now! Take time to visit as often as you can and see for yourself the sparkling golden castle we all call home!


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