How Many Minutes Would You Like To Spend Calling Long Distance In A Month?

   Edgar Lajambe, is a 30-year old life-long resident of Hanmer. His passion for computers and information technology goes back to a high school co-op placement he had in 1994 with a company called the AMS Group. When he graduated from St. Charles College he discovered that there were a lot of people who kept coming to him for computer repairs and consulting, so he formed his own company, Valley Computers & Consulting.

   When VoIP (Voice over Internet Technology) was first introduced to Sudbury , Edgar saw this as the future of communication and immediately jumped on board; studying everything there is to know about the technology. As a result, he formed another division of his company, called Internet Solutions, which deals with long-distance discount calling and the use of the internet for communication purposes.

   Edgar has joined forces with another locally owned firm, Infocom Canada Business Consultants Inc. which operates Valley East Today, a marketing & public relations company which publishes a community web site and weekly online news magazine.

    “The cost of long distance calling has always been a detriment to people living in the north,” Edgar explained when asked why he feels so strongly about the communication services he now provides to the community. “I know so many of my friends and acquaintances who have children or parents living in other parts of Ontario . They would love the chance to talk to them more often by phone, but long distance charges really cut into the budget; especially for seniors who would love to talk to grandchildren, or parents who have children away at university or college.”

   “Once people find out how easy it is to switch over to my plan, and they realize that there is absolutely no risk or long-term commitment – that all they get is the freedom to talk on the phone to anyone in Ontario for as long as they want for one low price of $15.95 a month, they are sold,” Edgar went on.

   “So in order to demonstrate just how good this system actually is, I am going to give everyone in Valley East and Capreol a chance to try it out for a WHOLE MONTH, absolutely free of charge. If you use it, you can continue in the plan by paying a monthly fee of $15.95. If you don’t want it, you can just stop using it and it won’t cost you a thing! All I want you to do is try it and see how easy it is to talk as much as you want. There is absolutely no catch. This isn’t a trick. You won’t get any surprise bills later on. And you are not obligated to stay with the plan once your free month is over. This is just something I believe in so much, that I am willing to let you try it out for a whole month. I know you are going to like it, so I know a lot of you will stay with the plan,” Edgar declared.

   To get your free month of unlimited long distance calling in Ontario , give Edgar a call at 670-4039 or you can go to his web site at for further instructions.

   Edgar encourages everyone in Valley East and Capreol to register for this free trial offer. “If nothing else, you can at least call everyone you know in Ontario and talk as much as you want for a full month and it won’t cost you a red cent.”


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