Local Family Expresses Appreciation To Val Caron Animal Hospital For Going That Extra Step To Give Sasha A Happy Life And A Dignified Ending

The following is a letter which was written by Tom Lacroix, a resident of Val Therese who enjoyed taking long walks with his pet German Shepherd, Sasha. A Dog's life span is very short compared to that of humans, and yet the attachment of all family members to these wonderful pets is something that only a pet owner can understand. Sasha is no longer with us, having succumbed to that which will one day affect all of us, if we are so lucky - old age and running out of time on this earth. Tom's letter is an expression of appreciation to the staff of the Val Caron Animal Hospital, but it is also written on behalf of all pet owners who perhaps just couldn't find the right words to show their appreciation to a staff that undoubtedly goes that extra mile to improve the quality of life of our four-legged friends.

To Larry and his staff:

            I would like to take this opportunity to commend you on the work and services that you provide to pet owners in the Valley. Over the period of time that we have came to you for your professional services we were very pleased as a family with the quality, consideration, and friendliness you have shown.

            The card that we received from you and your staff upon the death of Sasha was greatly appreciated and it showed our family that not only do you provide a service but also you do care about the lives of our family. The card we received was politically correct, but you know that in this instance it was incorrect. Sasha was more than a pet she was a member of the family.

            The paw print was awesome to receive. Our family members were touched that you did this for us. It is being framed and will be with her picture on our wall.

            I will try to recall the instances for you in which you made Sasha’s life go from that of a beloved pet to a family member.

            Upon our first visit for one of her annual check ups, while waiting for Larry to come into the examining room, I asked his staff “if they were going to muzzle Sasha the way she was muzzled at the other vet’s office”. The staff replied that “if Larry deemed it necessary to muzzle her he would”. For all of her visits not once did the staff or Larry ever mention the word muzzle. As the owner of a female german shepherd I was very pleased, and it showed me that Larry and his staff had the experience and knowledge to give Sasha any medical assistance to have a full and rewarding life.

            Three or four times during her time here we have had situations where it was imperative that we had to see Larry. Melissa made sure that any time we had a medical or an injury that we deemed important that Sasha see Larry, it was done without any long delays so that she did not suffer and we as a family did not have to worry about her.

            Larry as our vet knew the condition that Sasha was in. Near the end when we would watch her at home and see her struggle to do the things that she had done for years and not be able to do them.  We were heartbroken and we knew what we had to do. When I walked into the office that morning and told Debbie it was time, she saw the hurt in my eyes as much as I seen the hurt in hers. Arrangements were made. I never spoke to Larry until that afternoon when the procedure was to begin. From the deepest regions of my heart I want to thank you and your staff for not once questioning me. I thought that Sasha would have to be examined before Larry would do this procedure. But as I stated she was under his care for years and he knew her.

            Debbie what can I say, I know you are a german shepherd owner and I know you have had to do the same thing. Thank you for being beside me as the procedure took place. Your comforting smile and soothing voice telling Sasha how good she was reaffirmed what I already knew. When I glanced over and saw a tear in the corner of your eye, I knew our decision was the proper one and I was very happy to have you there not only comforting Sasha but also me.       

            The poem that was included in our card He Set Me Free is a keepsake. Along with that, and just this side of Heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge , makes our loss easier to understand and cope with.

            Thank you, Dr. Larry Hoscheit, Melissa, Ellen, Kate and Debbie.

From the LaCroix family and Sasha





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