Ward 3


April 11, 2006

Last week, council passed a by-law defining a senior as a person 55 years of age and over, for all miscellaneous user fees where a senior rate is established.

Since amalgamation, we had various ages throughout the city for people to qualify as a senior. The age of 55 will now be the determining factor for someone to qualify for senior rates at all city facilities as well as with transit. It is anticipated that this move will increase
accessibility to the services and also increase participation in leisure activities. This should go a long way in helping us promote a healthy community. The potential impact of the age reduction as far as transit goes could  be a reduction of $170,000.00 in transit revenues. On the other hand, we envision more people using transit thus less cars on the road and a cleaner environment. The two senior levels of government are giving money back to the municipalities as part of the Gas Tax Rebate, to improve public transportation. We should be receiving new buses in the near future and council is committed to increasing the level of
service for transit. Our transit system has been a huge success right from day 1 of our new

Following is a list of roads to be resurfaced this year:

Deschenes Road from M.R. 80 to Gravel Drive
Centennial Road from Tupper to the arena
Vera Street from Robin to Kathleen
Robin Ave. from M.R. 80 to Hillside
M.R. 80 from Little Stobie Mine to Thayer Lindsey Mine

Following is a list of roads that will be surfaced treated:

Bodson Drive from Railroad Track to Hydro Road
Guenette Drive from Railroad Track to Radar Road
Kenneth Drive from 2200 Kenneth to the West End
Hydro Road from Spurline to 0.5 km. North

The above is in addition to all the work that has been previously approved. As you can tell there will be a considerable amount of work done throughout the ward which is certainly welcome news.

I will keep you updated on the status of all this work throughout the

Have a pleasant week!


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