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Annette Lafontaine, owner of Paragon Strokes, is shown with her display of 'Rock Art' at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre. 

Annette, a retired school teacher from Ecole Felix Ricard, has always been interested in art. "I have always loved painting. Even in class, I would often draw on the black board and my students would comment on how nice the pictures looked."

Since 2002, Annette has been putting her paintings on a wide variety of shapes and sizes of rocks, collected from all reaches of the region. The stones contain beautiful flowers and inspirational sayings for all occasions. She also puts her paintings on just about any kind of object you can imagine. She has done murals on walls, table decorations, etc. All a person has to do is bring an object or an idea and it can be done.

The stones that were on display at the Shopping Centre were designed especially for Mother's Day and to decorate gardens. The visitors to the mall were absolutely impressed with the appeal of the decorative rocks.

Annette's husband, Yvon, assisted her in setting up the display. He stated that it has become habit now for him to be on the look out for rocks that might be useful in his wife's practice.

"I am often out with my friends on our ATV's and will suddenly stop and pick up a rock that I see along the trail," he indicated. "They are getting used to it now."

If you would like Annette to do a piece of art for your garden or home, just give her a call at (705) 969-9197 or email her at


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