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Over 150 Have Graduated From Valley East School of Nail and Make-up Artistry
The School of Nail and Make-up Artistry, which is owned by Louise Frappier-Beaulieu of Glamorous You, has graduated over 150 students from its intense, hands-on training program since it opened in 1993. This is becoming a very popular career among young ladies today who see many advantages of working in such a glamorous environment. It is definitely an option worth considering if you are looking for a worthwhile career. For more>>>>
Are You Paying Too Much For Your Long Distance Phone Calls?
The Long Distance industry is going through many rapid changes as a result of the introduction of the internet. As a result, most people are now paying far too much for their long distance phone calls. If you are paying more than $16.00 a month for long distance phone calls, or if you would like to talk more often to family and friends who live quite a distance away, then you really should look closely at how VoIP can help you cut your bills in half. For more>>>>

Some Residents Of Outlying Communities Are Asking Why All The Focus On Downtown Sudbury?
Before amalgamation, each of the six outlying communities had their own municipal government which attempted to develop their own "downtown sections". After amalgamation it appears as if there is only "one downtown" left. Some people are wondering why? For more>>>> 

Want To Stay Married For Over 50 Years - Stan & Verna Martin Share Their Secret

Many people feel that the challenges faced by couples in today's society will mean the end of marriages that stand the test of time. However, there are others who are celebrating 50, 60 and even 70 years of marriage. Here is one couple who will tell you how to beat the odds. For more>>>>

EDITORIAL OF THE WEEK - by Robert Kirwan
What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?
Find out why this age-old question is so difficult for young people to answer today. For More>>>>

Roger Chevrier Will Attempt To Revive Interest In Guitar
Guitar enthusiasts will now have a chance to meet with others in the area who share their passion for this kind of music. Roger Chevrier will be at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre on the first Saturday every month, beginning March 4, 2006. He will be playing for the public from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and invites others to join with him in providing visitors to the mall with some popular guitar music. For More>>>>
Are You Looking For A Worthy Cause For Your Volunteer Time? Ever Consider Habitat For Humanity?

Habitat For Humanity Sudbury District is part of a huge international organization that is helping people around the world - one house at a time. Find out more about this wonderful group and how you can help out just by providing a few volunteer hours. For more>>>>
Sudbury Earth Day Festival Organizers Provide Opportunities For Local Businesses

Organizers for the Sudbury Earth Day Festival are now approaching local businesses with information about their annual festival. For more>>>>
What Does It Take To Keep A Parking Lot Cleared For Shoppers?
Snowfall creates problems for more than just the City. Whenever it snows the cleaning crew of the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre, lead by owner Val Mazzuca, is up by 5 a.m. in order to make sure that visitors to the mall find the parking lot clean and clear of snow. For more>>>>
Proposed New Elementary School A Sign of Growth In Valley East
There is no question that there is a need for a new school to replace Valley View and Val Caron Public Schools. All other school boards have built or expanded their school facilities. This is clearly a sign of the tremensous growth that we are experiencing in this community. For more>>>>
Community Groups, Organizations, Schools and Churches Given Access To Mall Facilities
The Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre has opened up its facilities to local groups, organizations, schools and churches. Whether it is for fund-raising or simply public awareness, the mall ownership has been very cooperative in providing space, tables, chairs and even promotional services when approached. A special calendar of events has been posted on Valley East Today to keep the public informed. For more>>>>
Mall Walkers Growing In Numbers Because Of Winter Conditions
More and more people have been taking advantage of the invitation to use the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre as part of their personal fitness program this winter. The stormy conditions and cold temperatures have made it difficult to walk outdoors with any consistency. Therefore, by spending 30 to 60 minutes walking around the hallways (five times around is close to a mile), people can drop in at their convenience several times a week and keep in shape. For more>>>>
Caroline Provides Plenty of Food For Thought With Her Weekly Columns
This week Caroline talks about kids online. See what she has to say about keeping your children safe when using the internet. For more>>>>
2nd Annual Royal Valentine Photo Contest Winners Announced

Nicole Lemay is pleased to announce the winners of the 2nd Annual Royal Valentine Photo Contest. For more>>>>

Post Secondary Students Looking For Summer Jobs Encouraged To Register Online
The Valley East Today Employment Services section has been created to provide students in search of summer jobs to post their interests for local businesses. Business owners who would like to hire summer students can look over the list of young people who have taken the initiative to use this service and can then make their own contacts instead of sifting through hundreds of resumes. For more>>>>
Home Based Business Owners Have A Way of Promoting Their Services At No Cost
It is hard for home-based business owners to let potential customers know about their services. Now by listing on this Valley East Today Employment Services section, people in search of their services can find them more easily. For more>>>>


Ron Dupuis Provides Statistics On This Year's Snow Fall Record
Ron Dupuis has announced his intention to run for Councillor of the new Ward 5, which consists of Val Caron, Blezard Valley, McCrea Heights and Cambrian Heights. This week he provides us with some statistics which help explain why we have been having so much difficulty keeping our streets cleared of snow. For more>>>>
Web Site Provides Insight Into Issues Of Concern For Valley East Residents
A special section of Valley East Today has been developed to highlight the major issues which are of concern to local residents as we head into the 2006 Municipal Elections. A new issue or two will be added every week until the election is upon us. This will help residents search for answers and determine who to vote for on November 13, 2006. For more>>>>


1.    Marc Staal and Benoit Pouliot will be at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre on Saturday, February 25 from 2 - 3 p.m. The first 100 kids will receive Junior Wolves Vouchers and all will be given autographed posters. All minor hockey players are encouraged to drop in to meet these two Gold Medal Team Canada Members for one last time before they move on to the N.H.L.
2.     The Confederation Chargers Boys Hockey team is in the City Finals again this year and will play the Lasalle Lancers. Game 1 will be played on Tuesday, February 21 at 7:30 p.m. at Countryside Arena. Game 2 will be played on Thursday, February 23 at 7:30 p.m. at the Capreol Arena. Everyone is encouraged to get out and cheer on their local boys.
3.     The Stepping Stone program offers business skills training and loan opportunities for entrepreneurs in Greater Sudbury. They will be holding an information session at the Capreol Library on Tuesday, February 21 at 6:00 p.m.
4.     The monthly Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Clinic will be held on Friday, February 24 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre. This is a free service provided on the last Friday of every month.



Every Good Referee Has A "Defining Moment" In His Career
If you talk to a hockey official who has stayed on the ice for any length of time, he will usually be able to tell you about one incident that happened which proved to be a "turning point" in his career. This is a "defining moment". It is the precise moment when you know for sure that you were made to referee. For more>>>>
"For The Sake Of The Game" - An Online Hockey Book Worth Reading
This is the time of year when some parents have their doubts about keeping their children in hockey next year. It is a very intense period of the season as you head into playoffs and provincial championship tournaments. It may be a good time to read some of the chapters in this book. For more>>>>



Fantastic Floors Is Not Interested In A One Time Sale
When Ron Pedneault decided to open Fantastic Floors in Val Caron, he made a decision that his flooring business would be different. That difference is in the way he treats every person who walks in the store as a customer for life. It is more important to him to earn your respect for life than to make a one-time sale that is not right for your lifestyle. For more>>>>

Freeman Formal Wear Is The Choice That Makes Sense For Any Occasion
Rudy Mazzuca, owner of Drago's Men's Wear in Capreol, has been in the clothing business since he began working out of his popular Young Street store at the age of 15 for his father. So, with over 54 years of experience, and with 40 of those years providing well fitted formal attire for all kinds of functions from graduations to weddings and everything else in between, when Rudy puts his trust in Freeman Formal Wear, you know it is a good, reliable, dependable product! For More>>>>



Residential Security Systems Have Never Made More Sense Nor Been So Economical
Barry Blais, owner of Reliable Security in Sudbury, suggests that now is the time for all home owners to give serious consideration to the installation of a home security system. It won't be long before insurance companies begin demanding some form of electronic security system in homes, and once that happens, prices will skyrocket.    For more>>>>

Ron Gladu Photos Has Built His Reputation By Reaching For The Highest Standards
Ron Gladu has been in the photography business for a long time. So he knows how important it is for him to give his customers superb value-added service, regardless of the size or nature of the order. Take a look at his web site and go on a tour of his magnificent facilities to see for your self why so many people return to him year after year for their photography needs. For more>>>>
Customer Relationship Building Is More Important Than Selling Cars To Masciangelo Motors
The future in automobile buying is here today, as far as Ron and Jeff Masciangelo are concerned. Find out why Masciangelo Motors is one of the fastest growing Pre-Owned Vehicle dealers in the north by taking a virtual tour of their web site. For More>>>> 
Online Business Directory Provides Residents With Quick Access To Phone Numbers and Addresses
The Valley East Today Business Directory is taking shape. At this time you will be able to find a pretty comprehensive listing of businesses in Valley East on the site. Eventually, links will be made to business web sites and email addresses to make it even more convenient to find out about their goods and services. For more>>>>
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Lou's Shoe Repair
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Hanson Family Dentistry
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Masciangelo Motors
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