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Welcome to The Valley East Today Community Web Site

The Valley East Today Community Web Site has been created for the use of people who are interested in what is happening in and around Valley East. We hope you enjoy the feature articles and stories that are highlighted in this edition of the Electronic Newsletter.


Reaching Over 20,000 People Every Week

We would like your help in letting people know about our community. If you find anything that you think might be of interest to any friends and acquaintances that may be in your own "address book"  please consider forwarding this publication to them. With your help we expect the Valley East Today Electronic Newsletter to reach over 20,000 people each week.




Selection of Heartwarming Christmas Stories

We have put together a number of heartwarming, classic Christmas stories for your reading pleasure. This will become a permanent section of Valley East Today, so during the rest of the year, whenever you feel like you need to be reminded about the good things in life, feel free to come back to this section and allow your mind to float into a different time and place.


Jokes & Christmas Songs

We have assembled a selection of jokes and Christmas songs that you may be able to use during the holidays. Feel free to take a few moments to share them with your family and friends, especially when you are feeling the stress of the season.


This Christmas Make Sure You Take Time To REALLY BE WITH The People You Love

During the next few days we are all going to be "stressed to the limit" with last-minute preparations. Just keep in mind that no matter how "stressed" or busy you happen to be, when a loved one wants to spend time with you, everything else can wait. Christmas is a festive time. It is a time when family and loved ones gather in a spirit of happiness and good will. Let's not get so wrapped up in "preparing for the moment" that we miss the moment completely. This story will give you an idea of what I mean.




With Less Than Two Weeks To Go Before Christmas Children Get Last Chance To See Santa Claus

Santa Claus has been a big hit with boys and girls of all ages at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre during the last few weeks. This year, parents and grandparents welcome the opportunity to take their own pictures instead of being required to purchase expensive packages. During the final few days before Christmas, Santa will be available every evening from 6 to 8 p.m. and again on Christmas Eve from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more information and photos>>>


Beswick Denture Clinic Provides Two Local Residents With Special Gingerbread Displays For the Holidays

As a special way of wishing all of the residents of Valley East and Capreol the very best of the season, Beswick Denture Clinic invited visitors to the mall to drop in and fill out a free ballot on a chance to win one of two Gingerbread Displays. The two winners were announced today. For More>>>


Still Time To Buy A Christmas Gift For Food Bank Children

There is still time for you to donate a gift for children who depend on the Good Neighbours Food Bank for support. Check out the Food Bank Depot at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre today. If your gift is too late for Christmas day, we can make sure that it is delivered next week. Your kindness will leave a lasting impression on a young child in need.  For More>>>


The Grotto of Lourdes Shrine Redevelopment Project Offers A Very Unique Gift Option

Several times this past year representatives of the Grotto of Lourdes Shrine Redevelopment Project have been set up at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre letting people know about their fund-raising ideas. The Shrine is located in the heart of Sudbury, on the hill overlooking Ramsey Lake and the downtown section. It is a beautiful and remarkable historical site that is long overdue for a face-lift. If anyone is interested in donating $100 to the project, you will receive a permanent record of your donation in the form of a stone which will be placed along the walkway. It is definitely a unique gift idea that deserves some consideration. For more>>>


Valley Community Theatre Will Begin Casting For Next Production in January

The Valley Community Theatre is ready to prepare for their next production, "Leader of the Pack: The Ellie Greenwich Story", which will play during the last week of April and the first week of May, 2006. This is an "open casting' which means that all positions are up for grabs. For more>>>


Grade 8 Class From St. Anne School Spends Friday Night Helping Out The Food Bank

The school was in the middle of their Christmas  food drive and wanted to help ensure the achievement of their overall goal of 5000 items. They stood outside the Desjardins' Food Basics entrance collecting food and cash donations which were to go to one of the local food banks in the community. For more>>>


Trip To The Mall Creates Special Memories For Young Family Members

The trip to the mall on a Friday evening turned out to be a memorable evening for a couple of young families from Valley East. For more>>>


Timely Fire Safety Tips From Reliable Security

In order to remind everyone about the need to remain cautious at all times during this festive season, Barry & Monique Blais of Reliable Security would like to provide you with the following Holiday Fire Safety Tips. They would also like to point out that to many adults, the following rules will seem pretty basic and common sense approaches. However, many young children are not always aware of these rules, nor do they fully realize the consequences of carelessness. Finally, if you make sure that your children fully understand how important it is to follow these simple rules, they will make sure that you don't accidentally forget during this busy holiday season. They will remind YOU if you happen to get careless. More>>>


Caroline Has Fun With Her Weekly VoiceBio Newsletter
Did you enjoy last week’s article on VoiceBio? I hope you found it educational and that it made you see your life and health in a new and, for some, unusual way.  I had planned to show you how sound affects the emotional aspects of your body but that’s not what I REALLY want to do. What I REALLY want to do is have some fun and help you do the same as well as comment on the true reason for this holiday while attempting to remain ‘politically correct.’ More>>>


Ron Dupuis Will Begin Community Column In The New Year

Valley East Today is pleased to announce that Ron Dupuis, Councillor for Ward 3, will contribute a regular feature article every week or two beginning on January 3, 2006. He will attempt to help residents of Valley East become fully informed about the issues that concern them in this community. For More>>>>




Are Hockey Tournaments Doing More Harm Than Good?

Sheldon Craigen has a son who plays goal on a midget team in the Millwoods SEERA Hockey association. He sent a comment to After The Whistle which raised a very interesting point. While he takes issue with the referee who handled all three games in which his son's team played during a recent tournament, his comments should not be seen as a criticism of the particular referee, but rather as an indication of a much larger problem which is facing minor hockey today. For the full story>>>


Is It Time To Draw The Line When It Comes To Rink Rage?

A few years ago, the editors of the After The Whistle hockey web site published a couple of articles on Rink Rage. It seems that despite all of the efforts locally and nationally, this problem just won't go away. This seems like a good time to read the articles again and reflect upon the comments. One of the writers is Marty Kirwan, who developed his refereeing skills in Valley East and Sudbury. Today he is a full-time referee in the Ontario Hockey League, doing games that involve the likes of the Sudbury Wolves. However, there were many times when he considered hanging up the skates because of rink rage. He is also a police officer with the Peel Regional Police Department, so perhaps that in itself says a lot about the kind of character you need in order to overcome the challenges of officiating hockey today. For more>>>




Laurna Lynn Mills of Sole Mates Family Footwear Explains How to Select Comfort Shoes

Rob & Vicki Cousins, owners of Sole Mates Family Footwear, have done their homework when it comes to providing for the footcare needs of the entire family. A brief tour of their store in the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre will show you just a sample of the wide variety of products that they have assembled. For More>>>

Online Mall Flyer Is Gaining Popularity Among Local Shoppers

With so many flyers coming into your home each week, either as inserts inside newspapers or in your mailbox, it is often difficult to keep track of where they end up after you read them. Several merchants at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre have begun to post some of their best values online as part of the Valley East Today web site. Local residents can then simply log on to the flyer whenever they are on their computers to find out more about these businesses. This is a service that is expected to grow in size during the New Year. For More>>>


Corporate Business Profiles Can Be Found Online

Local residents can find out more about a number of individual businesses which serve the Valley East region by visiting the Business Profile Section. There you will discover a brief overview of the goods and services of some of the businesses which are doing what they can to meet the needs of the community. For more>>>

Caroline Introduces Valley East To VOICEBIO Technique

Caroline McIntosh was at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre on December 17 & 18 introducing local residents to VoiceBio, an alternative health technique that uses one's voice print to reveal certain information about the condition of the body. Caroline is Sudbury's first Certified VoiceBio Therapist. For the full story>>>


Dave Bateman of CLOGBUSTERS Recommends Annual Home Inspection

Prevention is always better than emergency repairs - especially when it comes to plumbing around the home. For that reason, Dave Bateman recommends that all  homes be subject to a thorough inspection at least every few years in order to provide homeowners with peace of mind and to catch problems before they become serious. For more>>>


Just What Is Voice Over Internet Protocol Technology

Edgar Lajambe, owner of VCCNet Internet Solutions, was on hand to answer questions about the use of the internet as a viable communication tool in today's fast-paced environment. This week he gives us details about VoIP or Digital Phone Service.  He will return to the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre in the New Year with more information sessions designed to help you better understand how advances in information technology will impact on your world in the future.  For more information>>>


Ron & Lise Gladu Give Helpful Tips for Holiday Picture Taking

Ron Gladu will be at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre on December 17, 2005, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. providing visitors with some great tips on how to make sure that their holiday photos turn out perfect this Christmas. Ron will be sharing his professional tips free of charge. If you have any questions about photography, or about cameras in general, stop in and meet him this Saturday. For More>>>



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