Local Public Transit Route Within Valley East Is Long Overdue

Robert Kirwan
Valley East Today

One of the recommendations of a major study on the Greater Sudbury Transit System was very well received by residents of Valley East. The consultants indicated that Valley East should have at least one local loop within the community that would allow people to be brought to a central depot for transfers elsewhere. Their study demonstrated that the ridership had increased to such a point in Valley East that a separate local route was warranted.

The recommendation suggested that the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre be the central depot.

If followed through, Valley East residents may soon be able to pick up a public transit bus within various subdivisions and be brought to several local destinations. They could then catch the bus to Sudbury and Capreol from the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre.

Residents will recall that we have been waiting for this day for a long time in Valley East. The population is in place. The community is growing. And a localized public transit route (even if it is only a small one) will be welcome news.

It is expected that many people will then purchase monthly passes so that they have access to the public transit system. One of the issues that will have to be addressed by Council is whether or not Valley East should have a separate fare system.

For example, the "One city, One fare" policy may sound nice, but it isn't very fair if a person just needs to take a bus from Val Caron to Hanmer. The cash fare of $2.30 for adults and $1.80 for children may be a detriment. Monthly passes cost $66 for adults, $60 for students; and $41 for seniors. To charge a person going from Capreol to Sudbury the same as a person going from Capreol to Hanmer may be convenient for the drivers and administrators, but it doesn't make much sense to riders.

With a localized route, it would be fairly easy to monitor ridership with an escalating scale. Further study should be done to determine the appropriate charges and how such a policy can be implemented. If the City intends to put one or two buses on the road serving the various segments of Valley East and Capreol, then it would be in their best interests to have the seats filled. A full bus at half-fare is just as good as a half-bus at full fare and will develop the positive transit habits among residents.

For more information about Greater Sudbury Transit fares and schedules phone 675-3333 or you can go to the following link:

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