Official City Plan Will Guide Community Development For The Next 20 Years

Robert Kirwan
Valley East Today

The 2nd draft of the Official Plan for the City of Greater Sudbury was presented to the community of Valley East on Monday, February 13, 2006. Ward 3 Councillor, Ron Dupuis was in attendance to answer questions from about a dozen residents who attended the session at the Citizen Service Centre (library).

"This is an extremely important document," explained Dupuis. "When we approve the final draft, it must be submitted to the Province by the end of March. After that, it will form the plan that will shape this city for the next 20 years."

The Official Plan lays the foundation for decisions related to land use as it pertains to managing growth and change, protecting the natural environment, investing in infrastructure, developing quality of place and building a healthier community. Accordingly, because of the fact that the Province provides the City with a great deal of grant money each year, it is the Province that must make sure all of its conditions are met through the Official Plan.

"If we want to receive their money, we must follow their requirements," stated Dupuis.

"The main goal of the Province is to ensure that all future development in the City is done by moving towards the central core, rather than moving outside the outer limits now established," stated Mark Simeoni, of the Planning Department. "In preparing the draft plan, we had to consider all of the provincial and municipal restrictions, policies and directives. This is a very objective plan and does not take into consideration any political motives."

Developers of new subdivisions will be required to provide full payment of any improvement to infrastructure needed to comply with the conditions established by the Official City Plan. The determining factor over in which area development occurs will be influenced by market conditions. In other words, where will the developer realize the greatest profit. 

Once the Official Plan is put in place, it will be even more important for Valley East to mount an aggressive campaign to attract new residential and commercial development. The help that will be forthcoming from Council in promoting the Valley East and Capreol development will certainly be an issue that will have to be addressed in the coming months.



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