Carissa Henry Gets First Hand Experience In Journalism Working At The Vision Paper
by Robert Kirwan


   Don’t hang up! That pleasant female voice you hear when you call The Vision Paper during the afternoons between now and the end of June will be that of Carissa Henry, 17, a Grade 12 student from Bishop Alexander Carter Secondary School . Carissa is participating in the Cooperative Education Program during the second semester. She will be doing her placement at The Vision Paper, handling a wide range of responsibilities designed to give her a taste of what it is like to work in a community newspaper environment.

   Carissa is planning on enrolling in the Journalism Program at Cambrian College once she graduates, so the placement will give her a chance to see what this kind of career is all about. “I like to read magazines and I always dreamed about having my own column or writing articles that would be published in those magazines.”

   I first met Carissa when she was in one of my Grade 7 English classes at St. Anne School . She was one of those students who stick out in your memory as a teacher. This was a young girl who was polite and attentive in class. Even back then she seemed to genuinely enjoy writing weekly essays, short stories, and working on projects, so her love of writing has obviously been a passion of hers for a long time. While I cannot remember specific details about her writing, I do recall that she had a special gift that made her work stand out from the others.

   Carissa is a member of the Yearbook Committee and is also Secretary of the Student Council. Besides that, she enjoys playing school sports such as soccer, volleyball and hockey. This has, therefore, been a very busy year.

   For the next few months, Carissa will pack up her books every day at noon , trading in her classroom desk for the desk in the main reception area of the Vision Paper, where she will remain on duty from 12 noon until 4:30 p.m. From time to time, Carissa’s articles and columns will also appear in The Vision Paper.

   As I look at her sitting at the computer, I wonder if Carissa ever imagined she would one day be writing stories WITH her former Grade 7 English Teacher instead of FOR HIM? This time, I promise, she won’t have to worry about being marked on her work.

   All of the staff of The Vision Paper, including myself, the Publisher, Pierre Charette, and the General Manager, Jean-Guy Charette, are very pleased to welcome Carissa to the “team” and sincerely hope we can be of some assistance in helping her achieve her dream of one day becoming a professional journalist.


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